Theory: WandaVision’s Commercials Are Warnings To Scarlet Witch

The special commercials featured in WandaVision could be warnings to Scarlet Witch. Appearing in all but one episode of the Disney+ series thus far, the TV advertisements were originally thought to be stemming from Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) subconscious. While some of the strange ongoings in Westview could still be due to Wanda’s control, viewers recently learned Agatha Harkness, aka Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), is behind some of the events in the Hex. So what does that mean for the show’s entrancing commercial breaks?

The commercials in focus have matched the tone and vibe of the decade for the specific episode in which they appear. Though they tend to be presented in a cheerful manner, the undertones of the ads are overwhelmingly sinister. One particular fan theory claims WandaVision‘s commercials represent the Infinity Stones. However, the easiest explanation for the presence of the commercials points to them serving as manifestations of Wanda’s past traumas.

That still may be possible, but other theories have emerged regarding the commercials’ creation and the symbolism behind each one. The evidence for each theory is compelling, but there are also details indicating the various TV ads could be direct warnings to Wanda. The warnings, in particular, could be coming from Agnes or someone else pulling the strings in the sitcom-filled reality. The person may even be pulling elements from Wanda’s subconscious to create the oddly specific commercials. Whoever is behind them clearly has extensive knowledge of Wanda’s life before and after joining the Avengers. Here’s a breakdown of every commercial so far and how they serve as dire warnings.

The first commercial featured in WandaVision advertises Stark Industries ToastMate 2000 toaster oven. The toaster from “Filmed Before a Live Audience” is a nod to Vision’s nickname of “toaster” in Marvel Comics. Going deeper, the ToastMate product serves as a callback to a traumatic event in Wanda’s life. The black-and-white advertisement heavily focuses on the fact the kitchen appliance is made by Stark Industries. The logo on the toaster was also emblazoned on the mortar shell that hit the Sokovian home of Wanda and Pietro when they were 10-years-old. Not only did the bombing kill their parents, but it left Wanda and her brother trapped in the rubble for two days. The presence of the toaster could be a parallel to the implosion of Wanda’s life yet again.

The next warning comes in WandaVision‘s second episode, “Don’t Touch That Dial,” with the commercial featuring the Strucker brand wristwatch. The watch itself is a nod to Wanda and Pietro’s origins in the MCU. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker oversaw the HYDRA program that gave the Maximoff twins their respective powers before the pair emerged as prominent figures in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not only does the advertisement reveal a HYDRA logo on the product, but the watch runs faster as the camera zooms in. This could indicate that Wanda’s time is running out with whatever Agatha has in store for her. There may a more direct warning, suggesting someone with HYDRA ties is still watching Wanda.

“Now in Color” follows suit with a new commercial introducing HYDRA Soak bath powder, allowing the user to “find the goddess within.” Adding to the significance behind the Strucker watch, the bath powder’s link to HYDRA is no coincidence. The organization’s use of the Mind Stone directly gave Wanda her powers or possibly unlocked dormant abilities already hidden within her. The mention of mind control soap could also be a clever connection to Phil Coulson’s mention of its existence in Agents of SHIELD season 4. The commercial’s line of “you read my mind” may hint at Agatha’s objective of tapping into Wanda’s powers for her own sinister objective.

WandaVision episode 4 skips the appearance of an era-specific TV advertisement, but “On a Very Special Episode…” brings back the tradition. Easily one of the most disturbing commercials, episode 5 introduces Lagos Paper Towels absorbent enough to clean up any kind of a mess. The commercial features a mother wiping up a glass of red juice on a table to disturbingly mirror the deadly accident caused by Wanda in Lagos during the events of Captain America: Civil War. The warning behind this specific ad might be centering on Wanda harming innocent people within Westview. It could also be targeting her twins, Billy and Tommy, who come into focus as real characters in this episode.

The commercial featured in “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” is easily the most sinister. In a fitting claymation format, the advertisement centers on Yo-Magic yogurt with a surfing shark offering the snack to a starving boy on an island. Despite getting a hold of the yogurt, the boy isn’t strong enough to open the lid, and instead, he seemingly starves to death. While this might be a nod to Wanda’s past trauma as a former orphan alongside her brother, the shark seems to indicate the more sinister message. He mentions he used to be hungry too until he “snacked on Yo-Magic.” Agatha or someone else may have been draining or “snacking” on Wanda’s latent powers this entire time.

WandaVision episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” brings forth yet another TV commercial, but this time, it’s an advertisement for an antidepressant medication called Nexus. The commercial claims that the capsule is “a unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality – or the reality of your choice.” The antidepressant, which holds an array of alarming side effects, seemingly links to the existence of “Nexus Beings” or the “Nexus of All Realities.” Nexus Beings are essentially rare individuals who can change probabilities as well as the future. They are also thought to be the keys to opening the Multiverse, an aspect of the MCU that hasn’t been explored just yet. Agatha may plan to use Wanda’s role as a Nexus Being to alter the future or possibly use her abilities to unlock the Multiverse. In doing so, Wanda continuously encounters side effects mentioned in the Nexus commercial, including more depression and confronting her truth.

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