The X-Men’s Secret Service Are Abusing Their Greatest Power

Warning: spoilers ahead for X-Force #17! 

The X-Men have a resurrection problem because their version of the secret service is abusing their greatest power. It has long been established that bringing back the mutants who died at Genosha is going to take a while. In the latest issue of X-Forceit is revealed that the mutants themselves are causing some serious delays to this process. Why? Cosmetics. The island of Krakoa stands as a sovereign nation that is inclusive for mutants and exclusive of everyone else, thanks to the work of Charles Xavier, Magneto, Moira Taggart, and many other X-Men members. After the death of millions of mutants in Genosha and numerous other losses at the hands of humans, sentinels, and other threats, the mutants are banding together as one people.

Back in House of X #5, the resurrection process was revealed. The Five, as they are called, combine their powers to create viable eggs that can have mutant DNA inserted into them, to then “hatch” them and return them to life after dying. These eggs are kept in the “Hatchery.” A husk is created in the egg based on a mutant’s DNA and then the mutant’s memory is transferred to them by a skilled telepath. Initially this was done by Xavier using Cerebro, but in time it was expected that more telepaths would take over this role to speed up the process. At the beginning of this process, it took forty-eight hours to bring back a mutant – twelve hours for the egg to process the DNA and thirty to forty-two hours for the egg to mature. Initially it was believed that all the mutants could be brought back in ten years instead of thirty, if the process could be sped up through more frequent use. Unfortunately, things are slowing down again. 

X-Force #17 by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara focuses on Quentin Quire, also known as Kid Omega. He has been dying repeatedly, resulting in multiple resurrections. He is part of the X-Force, which has been working as a special task force for Krakoa. Their job is to prevent serious threats and protect the island. This job allows X-Force members to have priority resurrection. They are brought back faster than other mutants on the waiting list. At this point, however, it isn’t necessarily faster. This issue reveals that Quentin has been taking advantage of his special privilege and it is causing some serious problems.

In X-Force #17, there is a Resurrection Report included that was written by the Five. They express frustration with Quentin because he has been making requests for alterations to his body. These are not significant alterations, which is probably why they’ve been allowed up to now. These allowances may soon be changing. Quentin has requested that his hair color be changed, some hair follicles removed from various areas around the body, and to have his toenails altered. He also wanted his vision fixed. While these seem like harmless changes that speed up personal care routines, they are slowing the entire process down.

It is not revealed how much time these alterations take or how much slower the process has become, but considering the decades-long wait list, X-Force members needs to consider how their personal preferences are affecting the rest of mutantdom. It isn’t easy or fast to bring back at least sixteen million mutants to populate Krakoa, so cosmetic changes should definitely be put on the back burner for now.

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