The Walking Dead: What Your Favorite Character Says About You

The horror series The Walking Dead has had an array of great characters with distinct personalities. From evil villains to heroes in survival groups: everyone is desperate to stay alive in this post-apocalyptic world. Already in its 10th season, this zombie show keeps on developing new and complex characters, but the ones who fans relate to the most are those from the original cast.

There are many reasons why fans might identify more with a specific character, and this might have to do with their own personality and life experiences. So, here’s what some favorites say about the viewers who can’t get enough of them.

Gabriel is one of this zombie series‘ most interesting characters. Viewers were introduced to Gabriel during the fifth season as a religious man who had let the fear of dying to take the best of him. Initially, he was not a beloved person but his storyline started changing when he became more courageous. His transformation from a devoted person to a hardworking person who wants to help the community has been remarkable. If he is your favorite, most likely you’re a person who has faith but you don’t let that blind you from your capacities to improve your situation through your actions. You have been through a lot and that’s what makes you an empathetic human being.

Carol is the all-time survivor of this show. From a violent and abusive marriage to the loss of her daughter, little did fans knew, in the beginning, that Carol’s journey had barely started. A decade later, she has become a true icon of what it means to overcome all sorts of traumas and difficulties to survive in such a troubled world. Not only has she become a professional zombie killer, but she has had to make some really tough choices. Nonetheless, her solitary and resilient nature has supported her through the worst storms. If she is the character you admire the most, then you might be a person who might seem cold-hearted at first glance, but in actuality, you’re very kind once you let people in.

If anyone is a big Morgan fan, perhaps they’re somebody who has a strong moral code. Morgan has always had one that guided him through all his challenges. So, loyalty, whether to his family or the group he was with, was his biggest value and it was evident anytime he made his next move.

Over time he became an excellent fighter with a unique style of his own – thanks to the wooden staff he would always carry around. But eventually, his complex personality and difficult traumas made him start to retreat and avoid groups, as he sought out to be a lonely survivor. Perhaps you’re someone who enjoys being alone too and tends to be too guarded.

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