The Walking Dead Teases A New Civic Republic Connection

The Walking Dead season 10 could be setting up a Civic Republic appearance already. Returning for an additional batch of episodes following the real-world pandemic, The Walking Dead‘s “Home Sweet Home” catches up with Maggie Rhee after her season away. Previously, viewers believed Maggie had been sitting pretty with Georgie, but Lauren Cohan’s character now reveals her people were repeatedly hounded out of their settlements, and are now under threat from a villainous group known as The Reapers. Only a few stragglers are still around to accompany Maggie and Hershel back to Alexandria.

The Reapers might be new baddies on the post-apocalyptic block, but the Civic Republic remain ominously lingering. The group have merely been hinted at in the main Walking Dead series so far, making deals with Jadis and then stealing away a near-death Rick Grimes via helicopter. But the Civic Republic have enjoyed greater prominence in both Fear The Walking Dead and Walking Dead: World Beyond. The group are highly secretive and comprise over 200,000 members, all backed up by a highly-advanced military. Those dwelling within Civic Republic borders are lucky enough to live more or less normally, but there’s a sinister side too, with the CRM sacrificing their own people in brutal undead experiments.

The Walking Dead season 10’s post-season(?) premiere hints that a character from the main series other than Rick and Jadis might now be affiliated with the Civic Republic. Describing her harrowing journey to a concerned Daryl, Maggie says that she and Georgie were based in Knoxville several years ago, but the pioneering leader who debuted in The Walking Dead season 8 left because she heard of a city “out west” and took off never to return. This fits with the Civic Republic for several reasons – firstly, the location of the group’s main site still hasn’t been revealed. Walking Dead: World Beyond featured a scientific facility in New York, but their main base is a closely guarded secret and could be anywhere. Secondly, if Georgie made contact with the Civic Republic, their intense secrecy means she wouldn’t be allowed to leave or contact the outside to reassure Maggie she was still alive.

Describing the mystery settlement as a “city” suggests Georgie wasn’t looking for any ordinary community, and the tip-off must’ve been important to force her away from Maggie. The Civic Republic’s push to rebuild civilization falls in line with Georgie’s grandiose philosophy, and rumor of their existence would surely prove too tempting for her not to investigate. Unfortunately, meeting the Civic Republic is unlikely to end well for Georgie. Not only are the villains unwelcoming to newcomers, but they’re especially averse to those with big ideas who might threaten the overarching Civic Republic mission (whatever that might be).

If Georgie really has made her way into Civic Republic territory, the character could potentially return in either Walking Dead: World Beyond or the forthcoming Rick Grimes movie. With one of the main characters now taken hostage, World Beyond season 2 is primed to dive into the Civic Republic more than ever before. The spin-off’s Hope Bennett could run into Maggie’s old friend in the cell next door. Alternatively, Georgie could be one of Rick’s few allies in The Walking Dead‘s upcoming movie. Andrew Lincoln’s absent protagonist met Georgie briefly before he was taken by the Civic Republic and presumed dead. If Rick and Georgie both find themselves in CRM custody, their combined cunning could lead to a successful escape attempt.

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