The Walking Dead: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous When Rewatching

Every fan of The Walking Dead knows that the show is famous for its hideous zombies that threaten lives constantly. But it is not only these dead bodies walking around that scare viewers and make each episode be filled with thrilling suspense. There have been brutal villains who have proved to be much more terrifying, whether on physical or emotional levels.

The widely successful series continues to surprise fans, season after season, and it still is one of the longest-running TV shows ever. To this day, fans have banded together through this uncertain post-apocalyptic world that these scary creatures have created.

This young character’s death became one of the most memorable ones. Many viewers got chills down their spine and tears welled up when the group found Sophia-turned-zombie walking out of a barn. Not only had Carol’s twelve-year-old daughter’s search been a long one throughout season 2, but the audience also connected deeply with the death of an important kid for the very first time.

Even though her appearance ended in tragedy, with Rick shooting at her head, this event served to further develop Carol and Daryl’s characters, who went on to become the most iconic ones in the series.

Every original fan of the show remembers when Rick Grimes woke up at a hospital in Atlanta at the start the show, completely unaware that there had been a zombie outbreak. He struggled to understand what had happened and came across walkers individually or in small groups.

When he eventually encountered a mob of them, the entire vibe changed into a much scarier one and he got refuge in a tank in order to save his life. Viewers felt the immediate threat of thousands of the undead coming close and were also trying to understand just how dangerous these creatures could be.

When the Governor – the first major villain of TWD – was introduced to the series, fans were on the edge of their seats anytime they saw him. Tensions with the group grew fast and Michonne was particularly affected by this evil guy. She discovered his weird artifacts as well as his zombie daughter locked in a room. Weirdly enough, when he found Michonne about to “kill” his daughter, viewers weren’t sure if they should empathize with his evident worry and sense of protection towards his kid.

The whole scene is nerve-wracking because not only had fans never seen him so humble begging the woman to keep “his little girl” alive but when she killed her, their physical confrontation escalated horribly. It wasn’t until Andrea stepped in that this battle ended.

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