The Vampire Diaries: The Characters’ 10 Most Impractical Outfit Choices, Ranked

Elena Gilbert’s life was unexpected and adventurous in The Vampire Diaries but every now and then it had some questionable style choices. Elena, her vampire counterparts, best friends, and enemies all experienced some kind of run-in with the supernatural and they were not always wearing outfits that were beneficial to that lifestyle.

Closets full of black clothes, leather jackets, and fancy dresses and heels, seem like a good idea until someone has to fight off a pack of werewolves or an original family of vampires. Too many times The Vampire Diaries characters are unexpectedly running, reaching, jumping, climbing, and covered in dirt or blood. It wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t look cool while doing it but their style choices aren’t always practical.

Stefan isn’t one to be caught without layers on but he took the zip-hoodie and flannel too far when he didn’t even button the sleeves. Stefan’s outfits typically give off the vampire style, but this was the exception. After all the years of layers and cravats and scarves, one would think he knew better than to leave any button undone.

The carelessness he gave off when he left the button loose could have led to getting caught on something or just a simple loss in aerodynamics. Stefan should stick to the v-neck and crew tees paired with a light jacket.

Damon Salvatore’s signature look is the leather jackets he sports for practically every occasion. His style doesn’t change throughout the seasons so this impractical outfit could go for any moment in Damon’s eternal life. The audience witnesses the various perils the characters face and somehow Damon never rips a sleeve or breaks a zipper.

He maintains his style but the practicality is still remiss. Leather jackets are known for their toughness so viewers could see how they would seem like an obvious outfit choice but the one thing they are not known for is a range of motion. If there is one thing vampires need, it’s the ability to move and move quickly.

In the series’ fifth episode, Elena wears a burgundy, long sleeve, fitted top over a second, not-so-fitted, tank top and struggles to pull it off after Carolina shames her and Stefan for not showing enough skin at the “Sexy Suds Car Wash.”

Elena’s style is consistently modest until later seasons so it was no surprise that she wore something to cover herself at the car wash but she could have just chosen a looser shirt or a cardigan that slips off. But that wouldn’t be the comedic teen awkwardness they were going for.

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