The Vampire Diaries: The Best (& Worst) Trait Of Each Main Character

The CW supernatural drama The Vampire Diaries may have ended its run in 2017 but there’s still a lot to dissect and talk about. The main characters aren’t necessarily perfect. They may dominate in the looks department and had fans dedicated for eight seasons, but they have their flaws.

Each character shined bright with their best personality trait. Traits that often got them out of a dangerous situation or kept them grounded to reality. In other cases, their worst trait rubbed fans the wrong way or led the characters down a dark path, or got them in serious trouble.

When audiences were first introduced to Klaus, he was the new villain in Mystic Falls. He was a force to be reckoned with as an original vampire and hybrid. To get what he wanted he was highly manipulative. He would use each main character’s worst fear against them and often didn’t give them much choice.

But as the show went on, Klaus’s best trait had fans seeing him in a new light. Fans came to realize that Klaus is extremely devoted to the cause and to the people he protects. He went above and beyond to get back his family. Despite constantly backstabbing them, he stayed loyal to them.

From the start, fans weren’t as impressed by Tyler. He was the typical jock who was hot-headed with a short fuse, and he came from a privileged family. As he learned of his true self as a werewolf, he became easily swayed. There was a point in the show where he became Klaus’s lapdog in creating more hybrids.

But fans can agree that his best trait was that he always did what he needed to. Whether for himself or the people closest to him. Tyler even left Mystic Falls hoping to have a normal life even if it meant leaving it and everyone he once cared for all behind. Despite not wanting to, he reverted to his wolf nature at Alaric’s wedding.

Matt brought a much-needed dynamic to the show and the group of main characters. He was the “everyday man” in The Vampire Diaries. A grounded anchor in reality. He often still tried to live a normal life outside of the supernatural world and took part in it when it was greatly needed. Unlike the others, he still strived to break away from it all the most and keep a leveled outlook.

But it also led to his worst trait; he was often doubtful of what was going on. In some cases, even blind and resentful. It would sometimes take some persuading to get Matt involved, but who would blame him? He lost Vicki to the supernatural world and his somewhat blissful normal life as well.

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