The Vampire Diaries: 5 Times Bonnie Acted Like A Typical Teenager (& 5 She Was Wise Beyond Her Years)

Although every character in The Vampire Diaries is wonderful in their own way, Bonnie Bennett was an incredible badass and a total unsung hero throughout the entire series. She was arguably the most powerful person in Mystic Falls, and she used her strengths to do what was best for her loved ones and her town.

Out of the main trio of besties, Bonnie was possibly the most formidable and mature right from the very start. However, there were moments where it was obvious that despite her strength and wisdom, Bonnie Bennett was still a teenage girl at heart.

To be fair, Elena Gilbert was a freaking nightmare when she first transitioned into a vampire, and when she flipped her humanity switch, she became downright insufferable. Not to mention, when Bonnie finally lashed out at her, it was because Elena literally attacked Bonnie.

But with that said, when Bonnie used her dangerous expression magic to put Elena in her place, it was very much the reaction of a teenage girl.

Bonnie Bennett was a genuinely good person who oftentimes was bullied, harassed, or downright threatened by bad guys in order to get her to back off or do their bidding.

And while she did sometimes cave to that pressure, for the most part, she always refused to do what the baddies tried to force her into, no matter what the potential consequences were for her, and most girls her age would not have been so stout-hearted.

Ironically, by the time The Vampire Diaries came to its conclusion, Damon was one of Bonnie’s best friends, and Damon would have done almost anything for her.

But when they first met, they did not get along, and Damon really went out of his way to intimidate her. Bonnie wasn’t having any of it though, and if Damon was lucky she’d just make the blood vessels in his head explode. On her pricklier days, she’d probably set him on fire.

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