The Teen Titans Who Died In Future State Revealed

Spoilers for Future State: Teen Titans #1

Future State has hit the Teen Titans hard, opening with a demolished Titans Island and a graveyard packed with fallen heroes. It’s not the only bit of bad news for the Titans either. While the beloved team of Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy is still intact along with several other members, they live in a grim new status quo. New York City was leveled alongside Titans Island in an apocalyptic event. Cyborg and Beast Boy have merged bodies. And Nightwing has a startling new identity, taking on the mask and moniker of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke.

The seemingly upbeat foundation of the Teen Titans Academy, which saw former members of the team like the aforementioned iconic lineup take on roles as teachers, is what led into Future State’s grisly new setting. A tense stand-off between the Titans and the mysterious new Red X triggered the arrival of the Four Riders and the catastrophic events that destroyed New York and caused the deaths of so many Titans. Red X, a former student of the Titans Academy is imprisoned by the surviving members of the team, appearing in a Hannibal Lecter-like position.

Among the fallen Titans revealed in Future State: Teen Titans #1 are Donna Troy, Wally West, and Wallace West. Several future members of the team who have yet to debut in comics are buried as well, with unknown names like Matt Price and Summer Zahid adorning headstones. While the cause of death for many of the heroes is yet to be seen, Donna Troy was one of the very first to go. Wonder Woman’s former sidekick quite literally had the life sucked out of her body the second the Four Riders arrived.

A potentially gruesome implication in the issue is the fact that only a few of the dead have been revealed. While Donna, Wally, and Wallace are the only known characters to have been shown in the graveyard, there are many other crosses planted in the ground. Many heroes have been among the ranks of the Teen Titans. With all those graves, the likelihood of more named characters to have been killed by the Four Riders is very high.

While Future State is admittedly brighter than DC’s last peak into the future, there is still plenty of room for darkness. And it looks like the Teen Titans have taken the brunt of it. Gotham may be under a fascist regime and Metropolis may be shrunken, but at least those cities are still standing. The same can’t be said for New York or the graveyard full of teenage heroes buried in the wreckage.

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