The Suicide Squad: Why Fans Are Excited For The DCEU Movie (& Why They’re Worried)

The expansion of the superhero genre in different types of storytelling has made it possible for movies like The Suicide Squad to keep fans interested months before release. A sequel to the once-hyped Suicide Squad, the follow-up also carries the baggage that comes with the original’s lukewarm reception.

Things have looked encouraging in the lead-up to the movie, due in part to the involvement of James Gunn as the director and well-known stars and established characters. That’s not to say that fans are fully on board, as some still have reservations about The Suicide Squad’s potential in delivering the kind of entertainment that is worth the wait.

The first movie received a fair bit of criticism for spending the first half on stuff like the characters’ separations, quirks, and habits rather than actually showing them in real-time. With several new characters coming in for the sequel, there’s a good chance this might be revisited.

Understandably, not many are too crazy about this since it’s a lazy way to present exposition that doesn’t create much of a connection between the audience and the characters. Should this come to pass, it would mean a fair bit of the movie’s runtime will be wasted.

Even years after the release of the first film, a lot of the viewers feel that the villain scenes were cheesy to watch since these were overt displays of villainy that were too on the nose. What’s gotten people talking this time around is to see a baddie with a depth in character. 

The great thing about The Suicide Squad is that the villain hasn’t been focused upon, unlike the first movie that had constantly brought this aspect up. This leaves viewers hooked to see what will be in store and how the villain will develop.

There are several characters with promise who the DCEU did nothing with, with the most striking one being Slipknot, who got his head blown off without opening his account in Suicide Squad. With so many characters in the sequel, it’s easy to see why this practice might be repeated.

Many have already started assuming that certain characters will perish in their first scenes, which isn’t something to be excited about since it undermines all the hype that surrounded their appearances. Fans aren’t sure if they should root for the leads all the way through as the chance of them getting killed off unceremoniously remains.

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