The Sopranos: 10 Best DiMeo Crime Family Members, Ranked By Intelligence

Founded in the 1950s by Ercoli DiMeo, the DiMeo crime family is the dominant organized crime outfit in The Sopranos. Despite being constantly targeted by the rival Lupertazzi crime family and the FBI, the DiMeo crime family remains stable for most of the series. This is all thanks to capable and ruthless members.

Based in New Jersey, it is loosely inspired by the real-life DeCavalcante crime family. Three members of the Soprano family have had high ranks in the organization, including Corrado, Tony, and Tony’s father Johnny Boy. The family has had no shortage of crazy mobsters. While some have been wise, others have been their own worst enemies.

Fortune 500 companies would be jealous of the rate at which Ralphie makes money but that’s the only good thing about him. Outside his financial prowess, the capo is somehow idiotic. Instead of improving his already strained relationship with Tony, Ralphie keeps on making impetuous decisions.

Ralphie pranks Paulie’s mother, and the shock gives her serious health complications. His insensitive joke about the obesity of Johnny Sack’s wife almost gets him whacked. He also murders Tracee, a stripper that Tony was close to. He eventually crosses the line when he downplays the death of Tony’s favorite horse Pie Oh My. The grieving boss bashes Ralphie’s head on the floor until he dies.

Richie comes out of prison with a sense of entitlement. He believes that he should be given cuts for no work done because he served a lengthy period behind bars and never snitched. This creates friction between him and several DiMeo crime family associates.

His streak of uninformed decisions continues when he allows himself to be influenced by Janice, who wants him to overthrow Tony and take over as boss. When he proposes the idea to Junior, the elderly mobster tells Tony. Richie is also hypocritical. He lashes out at Christopher for being violent towards Adriana then loses his temper and punches Janice. In return, Janice shoots him dead.

Tony initially loves Christopher more than his own son AJ. This is understandable since AJ does nothing but disappoint. Tony sees Christopher as the future of the family. Instead of taking advantage of the boss’ favor and replaying the love by being a responsible person, Christopher sinks into regressive habits such as heroin use.

Christopher makes so many mistakes that his catchphrase ends up being “I’m sorry, T!” His worst decision has to be reporting his fiance Adriana to Tony for being an informant yet she refused to give the FBI any information. When she is killed, he becomes depressed and binges on drugs even further. This forces Tony to make an executive decision and put him out of his misery.

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