The Sinner: The 10 Saddest Things About Sonya

Sonya, played by Jessica Hecht, was an interesting character in the third season of The Sinner, one of many anthology dramas to gain attention of late. A recluse, of sorts, she was also a well-known artist whose paintings often went for significant amounts of money thanks to her wealthy clientele.

She poured a lot into her work, and people could see that, which is what made her paintings so compelling, and able to elicit powerful responses and emotions. She was able to capture the essence of her subjects in a way that showed her true talent.

That said, not everything about Sonya’s life was positive and happy.

Sonya clearly enjoyed the solitude, living alone in the woods without much human contact helped her focus better on her work and produce amazing results. But it must have gotten lonely over time.

Of course, viewers should not feel sad for Sonya if that’s the way she chose to live. Nonetheless, it would have been nice to see her have human connection with a friend or family member from time to time. She does develop relationships and seems to want them over the course of the series, but at first, she’s very much alone.

While Sonya clearly loved living on her own and being able to focus on her work, it’s also obvious that she may have felt a lack of romance in her life. She was drawn to Harry (Bill Pullman) as soon as she met him, and while part of that might have been a genuine attraction, it also might have been her craving this kind of contact, conscious or otherwise.

Sonya might have chosen to live on such a big property by herself, and even enjoyed it. But given how quickly she and Harry hit it off and began spending a lot of time together, it seems there was something more there.

Sonya only mentioned it briefly, but when asked by the authorities if she thought there might have been any reason why Jamie – – played by Matt Bomer – and Nick (Chris Messina) would want to hurt her, and seemingly chose her as their victim, she mentioned having had a stalker in the past.

Not much else was divulged about this but it must have been frightening for Sonya, especially given her living situation.

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