The Sinner: 10 Scenes That Were Hard To Watch, Ranked

Since The Sinner’s debut on USA Network, audiences everywhere have been hooked to the nail-biting storylines created by executive producer Jessica Biel. The seasonal anthology takes the traditional crime drama and transforms its dramatic structure into one that leaves viewers wanting more answers as each episode ends.

With a new cast every season—except for Bill Pullman’s Detective Ambrose—the characters are portrayed as broken suspects with mysterious motives for their actions. Although the show is intriguing, there are many scenes in the series that can be extremely rough to sit through.

The mystery of a double murder leads to a woman named Vera Walker (Carrie Coon, Fargo), who is a member of the internal community Mosswood Grove. After joining the community and confiding in Vera about her pregnancy with Julian, Marin Calhoun starts to realize that her son, Julian, is rejecting her breastfeeding.

Since he begins to only respond to Vera’s breastfeeding, viewers watch how Mosswood Grove’s leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Lionel Jeffries, remove him from Marin’s life and keep him for Vera in a heartbreaking flashback.

A detective’s strategy to further pry his suspect goes off the rails in season three. Thrillseeker Jamie Burns (played by Matt Bomer) gets Detective Ambrose to agree on burying each other alive. Jamie insists that he will provide more information to Detective Ambrose if he buries him alive since he will get more of an understanding of his late friend, Nick Haas’s, mind games.

This scene already starts as an uncomfortable one as the viewers watch Detective Ambrose climb into his grave. However, Jamie last-minute removes the air tube from the grave and leaves him gasping for air for eight hours before returning to dig him out.

Although Jack Novack plays a smaller role in season one, his impact on some of the main characters is a major one. In a flashback montage, Novack admits to raping his daughter’s friend, Marin Calhoun, while she was staying at his house for the night.

This revelation of events helped piece together the true biological parents of 13-year-old Julian, who is convicted for the double murder of his “parents,” Adam and Bess. Even so, one can resonate with the pain that Marin must have felt during this moment, who ended up running away from her hometown of Keller, New York, shortly after.

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