The Rookie: Couples Ranked From Worst To Best

Although it’s a police procedural, The Rookie doesn’t skimp when it comes to relationships. There are several opportunities for romance among the main cast, and the series often plays around with the actors’ on-screen chemistry. In fact, the established and potential couples are one of the many reasons that viewers tune into the show.

With a lot of great couples, also comes a lot of bad ones. When a character gets with the wrong person, it inadvertently affects other potential romances in the series. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding a few relationships, in particular, and viewers have made it clear which couples they love, and which ones they can’t stand.

It’s still a bit puzzling what the series was trying to accomplish with this romance. They were set up as a couple to root for, but viewers couldn’t wait for their relationship to end. Nolan is almost twenty years older than Lucy and the lack of chemistry between them made their scenes cringe-worthy. It seems as though the show has realized their mistake, as there’s been no mention of their previous fling since they broke up in the first season. Now, Nolan treats Lucy more like a little sister, making the fact that they dated particularly awkward.

From the moment Grace entered the picture, it was clear that she was going to be romantically involved with Nolan, even though he had a girlfriend at the time. Nolan and Grace did date in college, but they should have left the past in the past. Grace’s life was already complicated by her shaky relationship with her ex-husband and kids, and it was surprising that Grace and Nolan worked for the short amount of time they did.

There’s nothing wrong with Tim and Rachel, but there’s also nothing right about them. They’re not a couple anyone cares enough about to get invested in. Rachel disappears for episodes on end, and many fans forget that they’re even together.

Their scenes aren’t bad as much as they’re boring. The moments they share are usually a waste of screentime that could be better utilized elsewhere. Rachel feels like a placeholder for another love interest, and it’s obvious that there are no actual sparks between them.

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