The Princess And The Frog: 10 Reasons Dr. Facilier Is The Most Underrated Disney Villain

Dr. Facilier makes for an incredibly memorable Disney villain in The Princess and the FrogObviously, a bad guy using petro voodoo who also had friends on the “other side” was bad news, and most people avoided him, knowing they were better off that way. Tiana certainly didn’t fall for Facilier’s charming façade like Naveen did, and she was the one to bring down the big bad bokor.

Dr. Facilier is clearly manipulative, using people’s desires against them, and he obviously has dark and dangerous power. However, there are several other qualities of his that are underestimated or possibly overlooked that make him far more dangerous than initially perceived by audiences.

One of the many things Dr. Facilier is capable of given his powers is he can see what a person’s innermost desires are. He tries to manipulate Tiana into giving him the talisman by promising her the restaurant she longs for, and he isn’t happy when she sees through him anyway. He manipulated Lawrence much in the same way, all to get what Dr. Facilier himself wanted the entire time: power and money.

Dr. Facilier doesn’t care who he has to take down or hurt to get his way, and he genuinely enjoys scamming people. Immediately, audiences see Facilier enjoying someone else’s misery when he strikes a deal with a bald man, and the deal backfires big time for the poor guy as he grows more hair than he’d wanted, which Facilier finds humorous. The witch doctor cares for no one but himself, and he certainly isn’t using his magic to help others.

Dr. Facilier’s shadow is about as friendly as he is, and that’s not saying much considering the two are both scary and menacing. The shadow serves Facilier in his evildoing; Facilier is called the “shadow man” for a reason.

The shadow makes him that much more threatening, and it’d be creepy to have a shadow like his following him around everywhere. No matter where he goes, Dr. Facilier carries darkness around with him.

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