The Office: Each Main Character’s Best & Worst Workplace Decision

Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch was one of the most profitable and successful branches in the company on The Office. Some would say that’s solely because of Michael Scott and the family atmosphere he created there. The daily problems the Scranton branch struggled with were unlike any other branches but somehow they managed.

Some of the mistakes that were made were fireable offenses but the employees’ good work outweighed their poor decisions. Without Scranton’s hard work, Dunder Mifflin would have gone under years prior. However, even hard workers like Angela and Oscar had their down moments on the job. But just as quickly as they failed, they rose from the ashes with a vengeance.

Best: Michael saved the Scranton branch from closing numerous times. He tried his best in season 6’s shareholder’s meeting but he also won over a huge account in “The Client.” Thanks to Michael’s personable attitude, Dunder Mifflin became the new supplier of a nearby county.

Worst: Michael has done a ton of horrible things at the office but none was more damaging and soul-crushing than when he outted Oscar. Oscar’s sexuality should have never been the topic of conversation at work and it scarred him deeply.

Best: When Creed became the interim regional manager, the entire branch became worried about its future. Creed didn’t even know what he was supposed to do on a daily basis, so how was he going to run an entire branch? When Creed asked Pam to get their biggest client on the line, Pam knew he was going to ruin the company, so she pretended to be said company to save the branch.

Worst: Pam has done small things that blew up in her face over the years but one of the worst decisions for her career was becoming a saleswoman. She was awful at sales and continuously at the bottom of the totem pole. It was great that she took a chance on something but sales was not the career move for her.

Best: In “The Whale,” the women of the office trained Dwight to sell Dunder Mifflin to the new female CEO of the Scranton White Pages. Little did he know, the new CEO was Jan. Dwight had to think on his feet for how to re-sell Dunder Mifflin to a former, scorned employee, and it worked. With the help of Pam and Clark, Dwight made the sale.

Worst: Dwight has done countless careless things in the office. What’s sad is that he thought they were good ideas at the time. He shot a gun in the office, trapped Meredith with a bat, and set the entire office into a panic by creating a fake fire. Stanely was so concerned that he had a heart attack!

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