The New Legends Of Monkey: Which Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Inspired by the Chinese novel Journey To The West, The New Legends Of Monkey brings a new twist to the myth of the Monkey King. A young woman takes on the identity of Tripitaka to release the Monkey King from a stone prison and save the world from the reign of demons. Such dark subject matter should be somber, but the Netflix series is a comedy.

Amongst the comedic cast of characters are ambitious demons, dutiful humans, and gods who miss being the center of attention. Fans of the series will find every sign of the western zodiac represented amongst the eclectic group.

A demon of the broken temple, Dreglon wants nothing more than to defeat Monkey and have a secure place of power. Unfortunately for him, he tends to not always stick to the plan.

Dreglon is impulsive, jumping into action and going after his own desires without thinking of the consequences. He sits on the demon throne just in time for Gorm to return to claim it. He steals ale from Kaedo, only to discover that it’s laced with a sedative. Like many Aries, Dreglon is a look-without-leaping individual.

Pigsy is a creature of comfort. He works for a demon to be able to keep a somewhat comfortable lifestyle in a world that’s controlled by his enemies. Pigsy is also, however, an extremely determined person and willing to give up his creature comforts to do the right thing. In his heart, he’s a soldier.

Pigsy best fits the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurans tend to be set in their ways, resistant to change. Their determination and adherence to a strict set of rules, however, make Taurans a good fit for jobs in security, as Pigsy finds himself in the role of protector on his journey.

At first, Kaedo Zef seems like a ruthless assassin. While that is true, to a degree, Kaedo Zef is someone who picks up skills very quickly and is able to mask his true intentions just as easily. He even bests the Monkey King in combat.

The young boy is able to find a way to survive in nearly any circumstance, no matter how dangerous. He bargains and adapts with ease, just as a Gemini is able to fit themselves into any group.

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