The New Flash Is More Powerful Than Any Other DC Speedster

Warning: contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League #2!

Not even the beloved Barry Allen is as powerful as DC’s new Flash, who just proved they are beyond all previous speedsters. Over the years, there have been many speedsters, but only five have taken on the Flash mantle. Their exact abilities and how fast they can run differ, but the Justice League’s new speedster, Jess Chambers – who was introduced as Kid Quick in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse before joining the Justice League as seen in Future State: Justice League  is the most powerful yet.

The events of Future State: Justice League #1 left the future Justice League stuck on a hellish planet. After some investigating, they realize that the world they’re on is one where the Hyperclan were once exiled. Along with this, they find a blueprint with a plan to enslave humanity. Tensions rise as the clock ticks due to the planet’s toxic air, with the team questioning if there’s a White Martian impostor among them. As they begin to question each other, Batman takes shots at Flash, distrusting them as a hero from another reality. Attempting to prove they’re not Martian, Jess checks the vibrations of the planet and it turns out they’re on a new Earth within the multiverse. With fighting getting them nowhere, Flash and Aquawoman come up with a plan which tests the very limits of the new Flash’s powers.

In Future State: Justice League #2 by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Daniel Henriques, and Tom Napolitano, the new Flash takes an extreme chance as they suggest that they share their speed with the whole team to try to get them across the multiverse. This use of the Speed Force is unprecedented. It’s happened before that a speedster has been able to share their power with another speedster, but not with regular heroes. Furthering how crazy their plan is, it’s not just one person that they’re sharing their speed with, but five humans, some of whom have radically different biology, such as the half-Kryptonian Superman.

By following the frequency of Earth-0, Jess can locate their target and make a jump across the multiverse. With Batman being the skeptic that he is, he asks “What if you miss?” and Jess replies that they’ll be, “lost in the multiverse.” With their lives at stake and the Hyperclan’s impending plans for Earth, the Justice League – with the huge help of DC’s newest Flash – speed their way home.

Every version of the Flash has the power to travel to parallel realities, crossing the multiverse to reach planets unknown, and the new Flash’s actions prove that they are extremely worthy of their mantle. But beyond that, Jess shows that they have a great understanding of the Speed Force, and only someone truly tapped into its furthest reaches could channel such power. All of this combined is evidence to show that DC’s new Flash is a force to be reckoned with, proving that they’re beyond Barry Allen and all previous speedsters.

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