The Mandalorian Writing Out Cara Dune Is Better Than Recasting Gina Carano

Instead of The Mandalorian recasting Cara Dune after the Gina Carano debacle, the Disney+ series would be better off writing out the character. The former Rebel shock trooper-turned-mercenary made her debut in the fourth episode of the live-action Star Wars series. As an ally of Din Djarin and Grogu, Cara tended to accompany the Mandalorian on high-stakes missions. Carano emerged as a recurring figure throughout the first two seasons, but that will no longer be the case due to her Lucasfilm firing.

Carano, a former mixed martial artist, previously appeared in Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool before being cast in The Mandalorian. Her role as Cara propelled the actress to new levels of fame, considering the attention the Star Wars series received from the onset. Unfortunately for Lucasfilm, Carano’s behavior on social media became an issue in recent months. Due to her despicable posts, the company announced Carano would no longer be involved in any Star Wars projects moving forward, including The Mandalorian. While some viewers thought the move was a long time coming, others questioned what that meant for the future of Cara in the Star Wars universe.

Before Carano was let go from her contract, she was set to appear in The Mandalorian season 3. She was also in talks to headline an upcoming spinoff heavily focused on Cara as a marshal of the New Republic. Though Cara’s presence in Disney+ programs may be reworked, the character was reportedly expected to be recast with another actress – though that has since been refuted by Lucasfilm. Regardless, the idea to recast is understandable, but Lucasfilm should consider removing Cara Dune from future seasons of The Mandalorian altogether. Seeing as Cara didn’t pave the way for a spinoff just yet, the figure doesn’t serve a major purpose following her season 2 arc. It could be beneficial to move on for a multitude of reasons.

With Grogu gone after leaving with Luke Skywalker, Din will be looking for another purpose. It’s possible that he shifts focus on Mandalore as he goes on a new journey of self-actualization. By reverting to the lone gunslinger traveling solo throughout the galaxy, there won’t be much of a purpose for characters like Cara. Rather than force appearances by familiar characters, The Mandalorian should shift the focus back to its titular figure. Cara did her duty when Din needed assistance in caring for Grogu, but that’s no longer the case. Din isn’t a member of the New Republic, so there’s no reason they would be regularly teaming up for the time being.

Recasting Cara would additionally prolong the controversy surrounding Carano’s absence. Whether a new actress takes over or not, Carano will always be attached to Cara. The Mandalorian and the entire Star Wars franchise will find it difficult to move on from the situation as long as Cara is still present in the series. If a female ally is imperative to Din’s arc, The Mandalorian should create a brand new character or promote an already existing figure. The same could go for any planned spinoffs that were planning to feature Cara. There are undoubtedly plenty of women throughout the galaxy that could help lead the New Republic’s efforts. Cara Dune had potential, but it might be best to say goodbye.

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