The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – The 5 Hardest Memories To Find (& 5 Easiest)

Breath of the Wild’s numerous side-quests can vary in difficulty at times. The Captured Memories side-quest is one such example. Tasking players with finding the location of pictures on the Sheikah Slate to unlock Link’s forgotten memories, players have to travel all across Hyrule.

Some of these memories are relatively easy to find because they are located in areas where Link must go through as part of the story. However, other memories are much more difficult to find because the monsters and Hyrule itself can be extremely dangerous to a player just beginning their adventure.

This memory can be challenging for players to access, especially if Link’s stamina gauge is not upgraded. Located between the Eldin Tower and the Woodland Tower, players must either brave the lava of Goronbi Lake or climb up several mountains. Either choice requires a great deal of planning and stamina for Link to be successful. If one is having difficulty with the climb, brewing stamina enhancing food or wearing bonus granting armor are immensely helpful.

Players should have little trouble finding this memory’s location because it is located in an area needed to progress through the campaign. To reach Gerudo town, Link must pass through the small Bazaar where traders can access the reclusive desert dwellers’ goods. The memory is at the Bazaar’s oasis banks, making it easy to spot while passing through the region.

Like with Eldin Canyon, this memory can prove difficult for new players. The memory is at the end of Lanaryu, which begins near the first Great Fairy’s location. The path may be straightforward, but numerous lizaflos, moblins, and bokoblins lay along the path.

Such a gauntlet can be difficult for even experienced players. Adding to this difficulty is that there are no quick ways to warp to the memory, meaning the road is the only way forward.

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