The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Remasters That Are Perfect For The Switch

Over the years, the Legend Of Zelda series has encompassed a wide variety of art and gameplay styles across Nintendo’s many consoles. The company has also made a habit of rereleasing Zelda games on newer consoles, bringing older entries in the franchise to a whole new generation of gamers. So far, the Nintendo Switch has only had a couple of Zelda titles, with a remaster of Skyward Sword on the way.

The console is still young, though, and it’s safe to say that more Zelda remasters may be just around the corner, perhaps even transforming some of the older games into new and exciting versions fans won’t see coming (like they did with Link’s Awakening). The future is bright for Zelda fans if any of these games make their way to the Switch soon.

With the Switch remake of Link’s Awakening, Nintendo took a risk by adapting one of the series’ stranger games to their newest console. If they wanted to make another similar move, The Adventure Of Link could be a good choice. This second game in the series switches between the classic top-down view and side-scrolling sections with platforming elements.

Such a different approach to the Zelda formula seems like the perfect opportunity to bring new fans of the series with something different, and the Switch’s versatility as a handheld is perfect for both viewpoints. The role-playing and more dynamic combat elements will also be familiar to fans of Breath Of The Wild.

This relatively recent 3DS title that emphasized multiplayer gameplay has been somewhat forgotten by many, so a reintroduction on the Switch could be the perfect opportunity. Tri Force Heroes stars three different versions of Link each controlled by a different player.

While the game is meant to be played with a very specific number of players, the versatility of multiplayer options on the Switch makes it a great match for the game’s playstyle. Plus, a new Switch version might add the long-awaited two-player mode, which was not available in the original, which included one- and three-player options.

Way back in 1986, this original entry in the Zelda franchise started a cultural phenomenon. So, what better way to pay homage to the series’ history than to rebuild The Legend Of Zelda for a whole new generation?

The success of the modernization of Link’s Awakening shows that these classic top-down Zelda games can be brought to the Switch without sacrificing any of their charm through graphic and gameplay upgrades. Since the original Zelda has already been ported to the Switch through Nintendo Switch Online, a proper remake also wouldn’t take away from the game’s staying power, as players could still play the untouched original.

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