The Legend Of Korra: Each Main Character’s Biggest Strength

The cast of The Legend of Korra is an incredible one. Every single person is strong, unique, capable, and adds a lot to the show in a multitude of ways. In a sense, they all have their own strengths that differentiate themselves from one another.

In The Legend of Korra, Team Avatar has to deal with a huge amount of massive threats that threaten the balance of the world. Every member has to bring their A-game to the field. Everyone has a strength that is different from the next.

Korra has a lot to deal with throughout the entire show. Besides dealing with world-ending threats just about every day of her life, she also has to contend with that fact that she was severed from the rest of the Avatars.

Every decision that she makes, she has to make alone, and the next Avatar will only have her to talk with. With that in mind, it is amazing that Korra was able to do everything that she did, including stopping Kuvira. She had no guidance on that issue.

Just like Korra, Mako has his own set of issues to take on throughout the show. He aids in Korra’s quest and has plenty of his own problems. Throughout all of it, though, he’s really able to keep his cool and think through things logically.

While Mako could be a bit cold or rude at times, it wasn’t like him to ever really fly off the handle. He kept a check on his emotions, and made sure to make the logical choice whenever he was faced with tough circumstances. That’s a hard thing to do considering the situations he found himself in.

Despite being situated as the comic relief character of the series, Bolin was no slouch. While he was a ton of fun to watch, he certainly knew when it was time to be serious. He was still an incredibly skilled bender who knew what he was doing.

This man had range. Bolin brought everything to the party, which is part of what made him a great character.

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