The Flash Retcons Season 3’s Mirror Master Origin Post-Crisis

The Flash season 7 premiere ends up taking the original Mirror Master and gives him a massive retcon post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ever since its premiere in 2014, The Flash has quickly introduced a lot of the villains from the Scarlet Speedster’s rogues’ gallery. Pretty much all of the Rogues have popped up in various capacities, even if there hasn’t been a lot of team-ups. In addition to the Rogues, there have been several different speedster villains that have terrorized Barry Allen and his team. In some cases, there have been big Flash villains that only appeared in a few episodes and then never came back.

Among them was Sam Scudder a.k.a. Mirror Master, one of the most complex and famous ones in the Rogues. Sam, who was played by Grey Damon, first appeared in The Flash season 3 in the episode “The New Rogues”. The episode established that the night of the particle accelerator explosion, Sam and Rosa worked together with Leonard Snart before he became Captain Cold. As they had done another heist with Snart, Sam and he got into a fight before the accelerator blew up and sent dark matter all over Central City. As he got thrown into a mirror, Sam broke out of it three years later and discovered he had the power to travel between mirrors.

The last time Sam was seen was in the episode “The Once and Future Flash”, as Barry traveled to the future where he fought future versions of Mirror Master and Top. However, since his final episode, nothing was done with Mirror Master until The Flash season 6 when the series introduced a gender-swapped version of Evan McCulloch, Eva. In the comics, Evan became the second Mirror Master and while the Arrowverse version had a different arc, the premiere revealed a surprise connection between Sam and Eva – it turns out, the original Mirror Master wasn’t the real one.

While Damon doesn’t appear in the episode, Sam is seen with Rosa – but only his back. As Eva was tying up loose ends with her husband’s Black Hole organization, Sam is quickly spotted with Rosa before she blasts him to literally shattered pieces. While Rosa is heartbroken, Eva reveals a big secret about Sam; the original Mirror Master wasn’t the Arrowverse’s first version after all. Instead of being a human, the Sam that viewers had seen in The Flash season 3 was nothing more than a Mirrorclone and was actually Eva’s first creation.

Even though this is more of a retcon through the help of Crisis on Infinite Earths, it’s one that The Flash benefited from. Sam, in comparison to Eva, was never a compelling Mirror Master, and given that Damon went on to different roles, his death wasn’t a bad thing. In addition to that, his origin story is more intriguing because he was created by Eva which becomes a neat way to tie them together. But with this retcon, it does help establish Eva as the one definitive Mirror Master on The Flash and in the Arrowverse.

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