The Flash: 10 Major Relationships, Ranked Least To Most Successful

While The Flash is a superhero show, it is also about the human aspects of the characters rather than just being about their abilities and how they use them to save the world… and that means romance.

Almost every member of Team Flash has been in a relationship at some point that has motivated their actions and affected the decisions they have made, for better or worse. While some relationships have been able to survive all of the things the show has thrown at them including time travel, alternate Earths, and even death, others just weren’t destined to last.

Kendra Saunders was a barista at Jitters that Cisco began dating after being convinced by Barry to ask her out. Their relationship hit a road bump when she was later attacked by Vandal Savage, and Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) came to her, revealing that they were immortal soulmates and that she was the hero, Hawkgirl. After Team Arrow and Team Flash defeated Savage, her relationship with Cisco came to an end and she had to leave Central City for her own protection, eventually boarding the Waverider and becoming a Legend.

Barry met Linda Park when he and Caitlin performed karaoke at a bar and decided to break up with her after learning that Iris had feelings for him. They dated for a short period and Barry even revealed that he was the Flash to her in order to further the trust between them but after she’s attacked, Linda ends up moving to Coast City to protect herself from both Zoom and Doctor Light, her Earth-2 doppelganger.

Cynthia, aka Gypsy, was a bounty hunter from Earth-19 that Cisco met when she came to Earth-1 looking for H.R. Wells and he challenged her to a trial by combat to spare H.R. which he ended up winning. After later helping the team with Gorilla Grodd and Solivar, she kisses Cisco before going back to her Earth, marking the start of their relationship with them both often switching back and forth between Earths to visit each other. She later offers Cisco a job on Earth-19 so that they could be together due to the long-distance being difficult on both of them but he ends up declining and they end their relationship.

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