The Challenge: Lolo Jones Claims Producers Forced Her To Quit

Olympian Lolo Jones revealed on Twitter that the producers of MTV’s The Challenge forced her to quit the competition. The rookie challenger left the competition at the end of the latest episode. The athlete struggled to find her footing throughout the season but kept her head high in the spirit of competition. The decision shocked both fans of the show as well as her fellow competitors.

Lolo told her castmates that she was leaving the show at the end of the season’s eleventh episode. She cited multiple reasons for her premature departure; the biggest reason being that she felt she was being blocked by her competitors from earning a gold skull. She claimed she was betrayed by the Big Brother alliance; she could not see a clear path to the finish line and she would rather spend this time pursuing other goals. “I’m trying to train for the Olympics and represent Team USA so I’m going to leave,” said the star. However, Lolo had a different story to tell once the episode aired.

The Challenge forced me to quit and that is facts,” revealed the athlete on Twitter, “I was pulled aside before the show and told to make it look like I needed to leave.” The Olympian was quick to dismiss the narrative that she purposefully quit the competition. “I’ve never quit anything in my life,” insisted Jones, “Heck, I’m one of the oldest Olympians [because] I don’t quit.” She continued to distance herself from any quitter label by revealing a shocking piece of information in a since-deleted tweet.

The last challenge was also staged,” claimed Jones, “CT and Big T technically did not win. There was a drop zone and they were not in the parameters,” said the Olympian. The ex-challenger was referring to the latest challenge forcing competitors to jump onto a moving rope, drop down into a designated drop zone and swim to the finishing platform; fan favorites CT and Big T unexpectedly won. “Once I realized the producers can change the rules to fit who they want to win, I was still willing to stay and fight.” The bold claim shattered the fourth-wall and it is unclear if Jones deleted the tweet because it is false or if MTV may have forced her to. “There are so many secrets that are not known to the viewers,” continued Jones in a separate tweet, “Hope that people remember the challenge is not a real competition, it’s a tv show.”

The Olympian reflected on the positives of her exit in her final tweet.  “The good news is had I not left; I would not have made the SA Bobsled Team,” revealed Jones, “I would have missed the cut off by 2 days. If I had not made the team, I would not be a world champion; so, in the end, God directs our paths.” Everything working out for Jones is certainly a silver lining. It also makes potentially damaging any relationship with MTV by revealing behind-the-scenes secrets somewhat worthwhile.

Jones left behind a strong partner in Nam Vo from the show Ultimate Beastmaster. It is unknown what the show will do now that there are two male rogue agents in the mix. This isn’t the first time that a woman’s unexpected departure has left the gender balance uneven. Last time, the show brought back Ashley Mitchell but the latest episode revealed a mysterious security breach twist. Something exciting is certainly in store.

Source: Lolo Jones

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