The Challenge Double Agents: Remaining Male Contestants, Ranked By Likelihood Of Winning

Despite the fact that The Challenge is well into its Double Agents season, more than half of the male players are still in the game. It’s entirely possible that this security breach is going to change that, but despite the fact that there are still quite a few fellas left, nearly all of them are a significant threat in some way.

But, just like any other season of The Challenge, it looks like some of them have a better shot at pulling off a final win than others. There’s always the chance of a classic Challenge upset, but as it stands now, who has the best and worst shot of winning?

For the entertainment factor alone, it will be devastating to see Devin leave this season. And while it’s not exactly a foregone conclusion that he’s about to be eliminated, the likelihood that he survives a showdown with CT is slim to none.

Given the security breach twist, it’s entirely possible that Devin will use up another of his Challenge nine lives, but unfortunately for him, he’s on the losing end of the remaining alliances this season, so if he makes it beyond this elimination he’s guaranteed to see at least a few more.

CT may have been the one to coin the brilliant catchphrase “gimme the goof,” but he’s clearly not going to be the last one to utter that refrain. Once Devin is gone, Josh is an obvious target.

He’s huge and actually does pretty well at dailies that don’t involve hand-eye coordination, however, his abysmal elimination record means that pretty much any guy who has to go into elimination is going to want to go up against him, and statistically speaking it’s pretty likely that he’ll wind up the loser.

People consistently underestimate Kyle, which is something he also constantly plays to his advantage. If he finds himself in another elimination, he certainly has a better chance at winning than Josh, however, given how stacked the remaining male competitors are, his chances aren’t that great either.

He’s been doing really well with Kam, but ultimately he’s aligned himself with the wrong side of the house this season, and unfortunately, he’s just an easy vote for the Big Brother juggernaut. Kyle is undeniably a scrapper, but most of the men left are bigger and stronger than he is.

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