The Challenge: Devin Walker Says Lolo Jones Is ‘Lying’ About Being Booted

On The Challenge, not all competitors are like Devin Walker. His combination of sneakiness and entertaining antics have taken him far in the competition. But some contestants didn’t have what it takes to achieve Challenge glory. Olympian Lolo Jones self-eliminated in a recent episode but changed her tune later, saying producers encouraged her to leave. However, Devin has weighed in and disputes Lolo’s claims.

Lolo Jones entered The Challenge as one of the most promising competitors in the show’s history. Her experience and athleticism made her an intimidating player from day one. But just because someone is a world-class athlete (which Lolo most definitely is), it doesn’t mean they know how to strategize and play the game. Lolo never won a challenge or had a chance to win a gold skull in elimination, and her frustration clearly got the better of her.

Though on the show she said she decided to leave, later Lolo claimed producers forced her to quit. But her fellow castmate Devin says, according to Us Weekly, that Lolo is “lying” about being pushed out by production. Devin claims Lolo’s departure was “incredibly calculated on her part,” adding he “saw the actual truth get twisted by her several times.” He says when she left, she subtly put some of the blame on the rest of the cast. Devin asserts that “nobody blocked her” from getting a skull and that Lolo “has zero credibility moving forward.”

Lolo never got a chance to win a gold skull and go to the final, but if Devin’s account is correct, it’s her own fault. Devin and some viewers think Lolo was full of excuses in the competition and simply didn’t have what it takes to make it on The Challenge. However, Lolo could be right that her fellow competitors prevented her from getting a skull. Many female contestants said that Lolo was the last person they would want to go up against in elimination, so nobody was eager to send her in.

Regardless of whether she left of her own accord or producers forced her out, Lolo doesn’t seem to have left The Challenge on good terms. There’s no telling who is right about Lolo’s departure. Both Lolo and Devin’s explanation seem likely versions of what went down. Viewers may never know exactly how and why Lolo left the show. It is unlikely that fans will see Lolo in the competition again, and that’s just fine with Devin. 

Source: Us Weekly

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