The Boys: 5 Similarities Between Queen Maeve & Wonder Woman (& 5 Differences)

Wonder Woman’s relationship with her fellow Justice League members is thriving but the same can’t be said of The Seven member Margaret “Maggie” Shaw aka Queen Maeve. As Wonder Woman gets ready to re-team up with the likes of Superman and Batman to take on Steppenwolf and Darkseid, Maeve must be wondering what Homelander will do after she blackmailed him.

Queen Maeve is clearly modeled after Wonder Woman, hence the two have plenty of similarities. Since she came first, Wonder Woman can basically sue Maeve for copyright infringement. Perhaps she forgot to patent her costume and powers. But Maeve isn’t exactly a Diana Prince clone. She has some uniqueness too.

Just as Diana is second only to Clark in terms of strength, Queen Maeve is second only to Homelander. The member of The Seven has displayed her incredible strength on several occasions. A younger Maeve punches away a school bus like a ball. She also splits a speeding armored vehicle while standing still. She also manages to restrain and overpower both Black Noir and Stormfront too.

Wonder Woman has had numerous displays of strength as well. In the DCEU, she has been seen throwing an armored Ehrhardt E-V/4 tank in the air quite easily. She has also bent metallic objects and slamming through concrete walls.

Initially, both Wonder Woman and Queen Maeve can only perform giant leaps. Part of the reason why Queen Maeve isn’t able to save the doomed Flight 37 is that she can’t fly. While the character has the ability to fly in the comics, only Homelander can fly in the Amazon TV series.

Wonder Woman eventually learns how to fly after taking lessons from her love interest Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. Steve, a master pilot, tells her that the secret to flying is knowing how to ride air currents and propelling your body forward. Wonder Woman tries it and succeeds.

She might not be as fast as A-Train—who moves at a maximum speed of 1,000 mph (Mach 1.3 or 1,609.34 kph)—but Queen Maeve is faster than humans and vehicles. In the pilot episode, she overtakes a speeding armored car. Her speed also makes her defy gravity for brief periods of time, making it possible for her to run on walls.

Wonder Woman moves from Metropolis to Gotham in just a couple of minutes after watching Doomsday on TV. Proof of speed is also seen when she gets up from her couch, disarms a baddie. She also moves fast enough to save Bruce Wayne from being struck by Doomsday’s thermal rays.

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