The Billion Brick Race: Everything We Know About The Canceled Lego Movie

The Lego franchise has proven to be quite successful on the big screen, at least at the start of its cinematic run. While four different movies have been released so far in the franchise, the future of Lego adaptations is certainly up in the air currently.

One of the films that had been in development from the Lego Group and Warner Bros. was The Billion Brick Race, a movie that never saw the light of day. Audiences don’t actually know too much about this once bright and fruitful project. As the fate of Lego on screen continues to change, with TV shows and Disney+ holiday specials, it’s important to take a look back at what could have been but never was.

Originally this movie was actually placed to be the third spin-off from the original Lego Movie. The first movie of the franchise showcased that there was an audience for this kind of project and it’s still considered to be one of the best animated movies of recent years, utilizing brand new techniques to help tell this unique story.

The success of the film catapulted the Lego iteration of Batman into stardom, creating the spin-off The Lego Batman Movie. The franchise then moved on to its original properties such as Ninjago. The Billion Brick Race wouldn’t have featured any of the characters from the other movies, instead working as a standalone spin-off.

As the name might suggest, the film was supposed to be a racing picture, based on classic movies from the genre. Writer Drew Pearce actually name-dropped one of the properties that inspired the movie, with Cannonball Run serving as a launching off point for the creative team.

Of course, the premise of a movie like this certainly would have attracted some big named stars and would have been a great way for the writers to include some of their memorable meta jokes; the kind of humor that had worked so well in the past Lego films.

Unlike all of the other spin-offs in this world of bricks, The Billion Brick Race would have been an all-new property to add to the Lego brand. Batman is of course a character that Warner Bros. already owned and the world of Ninjago is an original IP created by the Lego company.

The Billion Brick Race would have therefore have been a little closer to that of the original Lego Movie. It would have brought in brand new characters and created a universe that hadn’t been seen in comics, TV shows, movies, or indeed Lego sets before.

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