The Big Bang Theory: The Best (& Worst) Trait Of Each Main Character

A sitcom with tons of laughs and giggles is the perfect thing for anyone looking for comedic relief. And a diverse set of characters with varying characteristics and personalities is practically the icing on the cake. That’s exactly why The Big Bang Theory was such a hit and continues to be a fan-favorite, long after the final season came to an end.

Each of the main characters had unique traits that set them apart from the others; from a particular style of dressing to a preferred haircut/hairdo, and unmatched idiosyncrasies. Some of these evoked sympathy from the audience while others were simply annoying. Fans loved them all the same, regardless of whether they were displaying the best of themselves or the worst.

Leonard was part of the show from day one, right until the end. In all that time, he exhibited a lot of unique traits, the worst of which was jokingly listed by his friends in season 9’s “The Sales Call Sublimation” when Penny asked him to set up an appointment with a therapist so he could help market the drug she was selling. He was a pushover, which is true of Leonard based on him almost always giving into what others want, failing to stand up for himself, and putting his own needs on the backburner.

However, that also meant he was selfless and willing to make great sacrifices for the people he cared about. Whether he was trying to keep Penny happy or putting Sheldon’s many, unreasonable needs ahead of his own, he was always a friend indeed, ready to help out anyone in need.

As one of the smartest people on the show, Sheldon had a tendency to look down on those he considered not to be at his intellectual level. In other words, everyone. Nary an episode passed without a condescending remark from Sheldon to any one of his friends. Howard, especially, suffered the brunt of this because, unlike the rest of his friends, he didn’t have a doctorate.

His intelligence was also his best trait and what made him truly remarkable. He achieved a lot at a very young age and by the end of the show, he had a Nobel in Physics to show for his ingenuity. His intellect also brought him and Amy together, making the two one of the best couples of the show.

One of the show’s highlights was Howard’s wit and humor, which never failed to leave the audience in stitches. But deep down, a lot of Howard’s sarcastic remarks were hurtful and insensitive. He especially made fun of Raj, his best friend, which makes it so much worse.

Although he started the show as a pervy man, obsessed with women, Howard evolved into a mostly decent man when he met, dated, and married Bernadette. He became more mature and devoted to being a good husband and a better father to his children than his own was to him. From time to time, he even had some wise words to share with his friends.

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