The Big Bang Theory: Each Main Character’s Best & Worst Workplace Decision

Characters on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory spent a lot of time in their respective workplaces, especially Caltech University, as the lead male protagonists were all physicists and engineers, and all of them made some very poor and questionable decisions that landed them in hot water at work.

Of course, to balance out their outrageous decisions, they also made a few smart ones here and there. Howard, for instance, regularly made offensive comments or behaved inappropriately with colleagues at work and got called into human reimgs. But, he also stood up to Sheldon when he needed to be taken down a few pegs, and he helped Leonard clean out the office of a deceased professor. The same, of course, could be said about every BBT character.

Worst: Barry Kripke was the boys’ annoying colleague at Caltech, always locking horns with Sheldon, in particular. He pumped helium gas into his office in an elaborate prank on Sheldon, while the latter was on National Public Radio (NPR). Sheldon was humiliated on NPR as his voice became hilariously distorted, and the whole university listened to it.

Best: Possibly the only time Barry showed any semblance of decency in the workplace was when he gathered information that could have helped Shamy take down their rival, Dr. Pemberton. Barry gave the information to Leonard, who wanted to ensure his friends weren’t robbed of their chance at the Nobel. Although the whole thing might have been a bit underhand, it came from a somewhat good place.

Worst: The comic book store, which was the adorably goofy Stuart’s only img of subsistence, burning down, was very sad indeed. Stuart really shouldn’t have been taking a shower across the street while cooking on his hotplate at the back of the store. It was never proved whether or not he burnt it down himself for the insurance money, yet, at any rate, leaving the hotplate unattended was definitely the worst decision he had made.

Best: The best decision Stuart made was of course employing Denise. The store needed a touch of freshness and the presence of a smart, intelligent young woman amidst the heavily masculine culture helped brighten things up immensely. He also finally found himself a good woman who appreciated him, so things turned out well, indeed.

Worst: Howard Wolowitz was the resident creep, and there wasn’t anything he did during his early years on the show that wasn’t outright outrageous, usually with offensive sexual inuendoes. One of the worst decisions he made that was workplace-related was building a six-breasted robot with university funding, which was not just inappropriate and perverse, but also totally unethical.

Best: Howard’s decision to attend Sheldon’s physics class was indeed a brave one, for many a tougher person had failed to endure the impossible Sheldon Cooper. Howard was forever sparring with Sheldon, whom the latter teased endlessly for not being a doctorate like the rest. In spite of that, he thought he could brave the waters, and, in the process, ended up standing up to him.

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