The Big Bang Theory: 10 Saddest Episodes

For a show about friendship and science, The Big Bang Theory has some incredibly emotional episodes. This group of best friends became each other’s family over the span of 11 seasons and have been there for each other through some of their darkest moments. Sheldon’s personality traits, in particular, bring about plenty of harrowing moments because he’s not always aware of what’s going on around him.

But it’s not just Sheldon. Howard has also been through hell and back in the sitcom and finally found his stride by the series’ final season. From deaths to questions about life, The Big Bang Theory has as many emotional episodes as uplifting ones.

For years, Howard’s father issues have been a trigger in every tough decision he’s had to make. Whenever he’s in an argument with Bernadette, he brings up the “my dad left me when I was a kid” card to make Bernadette feel bad for him. Bernadette eventually stopped feeling sorry for him but things changed in season 6’s “The Closet Reconfiguration.”

Sheldon found an old letter addressed to Howard in his closet. Howard never read the letter but Sheldon did. It was from his father for Howard’s 18th birthday. Howard was devastated that Sheldon read the card and told everyone what was inside because even Howard didn’t know what it said. It was one of Howard’s most human moments in the series.

It was devastating for the entire group when Mrs. Wolowitz died because it was so unexpected. To make matters worse, the power went out in her home, which meant that all of the food she had made and stored in the freezer was starting to thaw.

Knowing those were the last meals Howard would ever eat of his mother’s, he invited everyone over and had a makeshift Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone came over and ate her food under candlelight. It was a sweet way to honor his mother.

In “The Commitment Determination,” Amy and Sheldon were celebrating their five-year anniversary. While kissing, Sheldon mentioned The Flash TV show, which triggered Amy. He was the only thing on her mind while kissing but The Flash was on his. This left a bad taste in Amy’s mouth.

By the end of the episode, Amy shocked everyone by telling Sheldon she needed a break from the relationship. When they hung up, Sheldon pulled out an engagement ring from his desk that he had been keeping for Amy. The idea of Sheldon and Amy ending their relationship when he was so close to doing what she dreamt of was heartbreaking.

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