The Avengers’ New Enemies Are Hulk’s Worst Nightmare

Warning: spoilers ahead for Avengers Mech Strike #1!

Avengers Mech Strike #1 is bringing in new heavy-hitting foes for the Avengers to face. These new enemies are proving difficult for the Avengers to handle, but they may be even worse for the Hulk. In addition to being hard to take down, they have abilities that are perfectly suited to taking out Marvel’s Green Goliath.

Avengers Mech Strike is a new mini-series that pits the Avengers against larger than life foes, forcing Tony Stark to break out giant mech suits designed to enhance their abilities. Along with the regular Avengers roster which includes Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Hulk have been drafted in to try and end a threat that could endanger the entire world. Unfortunately for the team, Tony only realizes they need protection after it emerges that the threat they’re dealing with is a little more complex than it first appears.

This first issue presents a giant monster destroying Manhattan, which the Avengers naturally start fighting against. The creature, which they later call “biomechanoid-three,” is not simply gigantic and able to crush buildings and people; it is also able to absorb energy. This biomechanoid gains power from destroying things, but also from the energy it is taking from the Avengers. Captain Marvel’s powers don’t seem to do a thing to it and immediately, Captain America realizes a much bigger problem – the Hulk is functionally a walking buffet.

As this biomechanoid is eating energy, their teammate needs to temporarily be out of commission for this fight. The Hulk is a giant energy img of Gamma radiation. Captain America likens him to a “living Gamma reactor.” Absorbing the Hulk’s energy would not only leave him vulnerable, but also make the biomechanoid unstoppable. The Hulk fails to gain headway against the monster and transforms back into Banner, exhausted and needing Spider-Man to carry him away from the fight. Giant monsters are usually the Hulk’s specialty, but this time, he is rendered useless. His strength and smashing ability are ineffective; he becomes more of a liability than an ally.

Thankfully, Tony’s mechs are standing ready for just such an occasion. The mechs have Vibranium plating which the biomechanoid is unable to digest, and there is a Hulk mech included, meaning Banner can rejoin the battle. This armor should allow Bruce to be involved in the fight without being as much of a liability to the team. If the monster can’t get access to the Hulk to eat him or sap his energy, then everything should theoretically be okay. If anything were to cause Banner or the Hulk to be out in the open, however, the danger of the beast would skyrocket. Protecting the Hulk is important as more biomechanoids threaten the world, but the largest member of the Avengers can’t be expected to sit out a fight. The mechs are a great plan to keep him protected and effective, but rarely do things go as planned.

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