The Arrowverse Makes Lois Lane As Powerful As Superman

Superman & Lois establishes Lois Lane being just as powerful as the Arrowverse version of Superman, but with a different type of strength. For a few years now, Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch have portrayed the latest incarnations of Clark and Lois on TV. But as the DC line-up is always changing, so are their roles in the franchise. While there have been an endless amount of Superman shows and films, Superman & Lois takes the couple in a new direction as it depicts them at a point in their lives that has typically gone unexplored onscreen.

While many versions have followed them as a romantic couple, Superman & Lois take it the next phase as they deal with being parents. Despite having only one kid on Earth-38, Crisis on Infinite Earths changed that as Oliver Queen rebooted the Multiverse. With the creation of Earth-Prime, Lois and Clark are now the parents of two teenage kids, Jonathan and Jordan Kent. As they deal with raising two boys, with one having inherited Superman’s abilities, the family now also deals with moving back to Smallville following the death of Martha Kent.

The Superman & Lois premiere reveals that Morgan Edge has bought the Daily Planet and it caused massive layoffs. While Lois gets to keep her job, the same can’t be said about Clark as he was let go. However, despite not appearing in the episode, Morgan is still causing trouble as he’s also buying coal mines in Smallville, possibly for malicious reasons. Morgan has also bought the Smallville Bank, all of which sets up a major path for Lois and establishes why Arrowverse’s version of the beloved reporter is just as powerful as the Man of Steel.

Lois may not have Kryptonian superpowers or wear a costume, but her role as a journalist makes her a superhero just as much as Clark. Besides being the key person to ground Clark, Lois also represents the everyday human, thus why she’s as legendary as she is in the mythology. Lois fights evil with her words and uses her role as a reporter to get the truth. In many ways, Lois has been a superhero longer than Clark, as she has been operating longer as a reporter before he became the Man of Steel. Even though Clark’s firing was a shock, it actually benefits them both as he can focus on his fatherly responsibilities while Lois gets a heroic arc of her own.

Exposing someone like Morgan and other corrupted figures will help Lois develop her own storyline, while Clark handles his family as well as The Stranger. Since they are now also living in Smallville, it’ll be a new layer added to Lois’s journey because Morgan’s actions affect both the small town and Metropolis. Even though Clark may at some point get his job back, it’s still refreshing to see Lois now being the only reporter out of the two. Even if someone like Morgan is a one-season-threat, it’s still empowering to see Arrowverse’s Lois Lane get her own big Superman & Lois arc as a journalist while standing as an equal to the Man of Tomorrow.

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