The Amazing Race: 10 Things The Show Could Borrow From Big Brother

The three major CBS reality shows, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother share quite a bit of DNA with one another, but they’re also very different at the same time. Two shows in particular, Big Brother and The Amazing Race are polar opposites in some ways. One is a trip around the world, and the other traps people in a house together.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The two shows could take a few cues from one another to become even better than they already are. In particular, The Amazing Race could stand to learn a few things from Big Brother, and it could perhaps take the show to new heights.

There aren’t any real forms of safety that keeps teams from being eliminated in The Amazing Race, save for some non-elimination legs here and there. A brand new type of safety that could be won in order to keep yourself safe would be an interesting way to switch up the formula of The Amazing Race. Perhaps teams would have to risk their spot in the game in order to win the safety.

While Live Feeds are obviously something that wouldn’t work with the format of The Amazing Race, perhaps the idea of Live Feeds could still be implemented into the show. Uncut, full versions of challenges and legs could be uploaded online after the show for superfans to watch in order to give them a bit more context. It could be a super fun feature for fans who want to see a little bit more.

Pandora’s Box is a twist that will sometimes occur in Big Brother that gives the HOH to open the box, which will unleash something good and bad will be unleashed on the house. Who will receive the benefit and the negative is random.

This could be a good way to give players that are in the lead the chance to unleash a bit of chaos for every team on the current leg, which is always a good time.

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