The 100: Why Clarke Is The Main Character (& Why It’s Octavia)

Viewers were introduced to Clarke Griffin before anyone else on The 100. At the time, her voiceover explained the apocalypse as she sat in solitary drawing on the floor. Over the years, Clarke was at the center of nearly every event. Although Clarke has done good and bad things, she was looked at to make the most prominent choices for humanity.

However, one of her most significant competitors for the main character is Octavia Blake. While this may not be easy to see in the first season, collectively, Octavia grew so much from the series premiere to the finale. Beaten, bruised, and came out the other side, Octavia has dealt with many emotional and physical storylines. While Octavia may not have always made the best decisions, she did have her moments of knowing the right thing to do.

Clarke did not take down the Mountain Men alone. Monty allowed irradiating Mount Weather to be possible, and Bellamy pulled the lever with Clarke. Yet, Bellamy and Monty’s parts of the event are ignored by the majority of the population.

Instead, Clarke gets all the credit for taking down the mountain and earned the name “Wanheda.” Even when others help Clarke, she seems to take on the bulk of the responsibility and aftermath of what occurred as the focal point of the show.

Octavia’s arc takes her from the girl under the floor to the savior of the human race. It is not a straight path for Octavia as she goes through plenty of different things before finding who she is and wants to be. Her journey as a fighter begins in season two when she trains with Lincoln and Indra.

Octavia is a different person nearly every season as she continues to evolve and find where she fits in the grand scheme of things. She goes from innocent to warrior to ruthless and eventually to someone who helped save everyone.

After Charlotte’s death, Clarke and Bellamy decide to work together to keep the delinquents alive. With that choice, Clarke becomes more involved in how their camp is run, and later on, she and Bellamy make many monumental choices together.

When Clarke and the others end up in Mount Weather, Clarke is immediately suspicious. She spends some time in the mountain gathering information before escaping with Anya. Clarke spends the rest of the season tirelessly devoted to rescuing the rest of the delinquents from the Mountain Men.

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