Tesla Full Self-Driving Subscriptions “For Sure” Coming In Q2, 2021

In Q2 2021, Tesla looks to be expanding on one of its most popular features — full self-driving. Teslas stand out for a few different reasons, whether it be their ultra minimalistic interiors, robust smart features, or repeated production delays. Full self-driving capability is one of the hallmark reasons many people buy a Tesla, but with it currently limited to an exorbitant one-time fee, it’s far from being accessible to a lot of shoppers.

CEO Elon Musk previously said a subscription option for full self-driving would likely be available in late 2020, but that time frame came and went without any update. However, in late December, Musk stated the Telsa full self-driving subscription would be available “early next year.” In the meantime, customers have continued to be stuck with a $10,000 purchase in order to unlock full self-driving, which as mentioned above, isn’t necessarily ideal.

Thankfully, there’s finally an update around the launch of the Tesla FSD subscription option. In response to someone on Twitter, Musk said the subscription for full self-driving will be released in “Q2 for sure.” Following that, he then added an additional tweet saying, “Note, buying FSD will still be a better long-term deal than subscription.” That Q2 timeframe means the full self-driving subscription could launch anywhere between April 1 and June 30, which (somehow) isn’t that far off.

Even if Musk says the subscription for full self-driving won’t be as good of a deal in the long run compared to buying it flat-out, this is still an exciting development for prospective Tesla owners. Not everyone can afford to shell out an extra $10,000 on top of a Tesla that costs $37,000 at the bare minimum, but paying a smaller amount each month is a lot more manageable. It’s unclear how much the monthly subscription will cost, but given the $10,000 price to buy it right now, it’s safe to say it’ll be $100/month or more.

That’s ultimately why so many people are looking forward to the launch of a subscription for full self-driving. There’s an argument to be made that buying a Tesla without full self-driving is like buying the Galaxy S21 Ultra without its camera system. It’s not necessary for a Tesla to work, but it’s also what helps bring the whole experience together. Given the rise of programs like the iPhone Upgrade Program and Samsung Access where people are already accustomed to buying tech in the form of a recurring monthly fee, making this option available for full self-driving just makes sense — regardless of if Musk thinks it’s a good deal or not. It’s possible the Q2 2021 date will get pushed back again, but at least for right now, that’s what everyone can look forward to.

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