Temptation Island: Erica Way To Good For ‘Repulsive’ Kendal Say Fans

On Temptation Island season 3, Erica Washington and Kendal Kirkland’s relationship is in the most peril. It’s only a few episodes in and already fans doubt that they’ll make it through the season. Though fans love Erica, they’ve shown mostly contempt for Kendal and consider him the img of trouble in their relationship. In the eyes of the viewers, Erica is far too good for Kendal, and they have high hopes that she’ll realize this and leave him for good.

The couple came to Temptation Island because of an imbalance in their relationship—Erica feels she falls short of Kendal’s ambitious nature, and Kendal agrees. They hoped that putting their relationship to the test would bring them closer together, but fans aren’t so sure. They wonder if Erica and Kendal are still together after the show, because so far Kendal’s actions make him seem like a player. On his first full night with the singles, Kendal gave and received a lap dance from one of the women, which Erica had to watch later, causing her to break down in tears.

Fans have rallied around Erica, calling Kendal “repulsive” and wondering why Erica is still with him. “She is clearly sweet on the inside and out. She deserves better,” one said, echoing the sentiments of others who think Erica is a lovely person. On the show, Erica revealed all the ways she takes care of Kendal, but that she gives so much of herself to their relationship she feels like she has nothing left. Fans took note of this and feel that Erica is in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Fans call Kendal a manipulative narcissist and question his intentions for going on the show. One fan theorized that Kendal convinced Erica to go on the show so he could “gain a new level of control over her.” Fans think Kendal manipulated Erica into feeling that there was a “hierarchy” in their relationship and then tricked her into going onto Temptation Island so he could mess around with other women. Many think Kendal intends to return to Erica after he’s had his fun with the Temptation Island single women, but believe Erica deserves better and should leave him.

Erica and Kendal’s relationship is obviously not in a good place. The same can be said about the other couples. It’s why they all went on the show. However, there’s a difference between the issues facing the other couples and the disrespect Kendal is already showing Erica. As bad as things seem for the couple now, they will likely get worse. Kendal hinted at “mistakes” he’s made on the show in a long-winded damage control video that has fans thinking the worst is yet to come.

Season 3 of Temptation Island has barely started and already fans think Erica and Kendal won’t make it. But they consider that a good thing in the long run, because Erica will finally be free of her toxic relationship. Fans hope Erica will make a connection with one of the single men, or at least realize that she has other, better options. All of the show’s couples are at their “make or break” moment, but fans are hoping that Erica and Kendal’s relationship will be the one to break.

Source: Reddit

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