Teen Titans Just Called Out A Weird Problem With DC’s Villains

The Teen Titans just called out a weird problem with DC‘s villains: Ice. DC has a plethora of villains and sometimes their powers overlap. Flight is common and so is super strong, but there is another ability that has been consistently popular among the villain crowd. In DC Love is a Battlefield #1, Avery Ho points out exactly what some fans may have noticed – there are a lot of villains with cryokinetic powers and weapons.

DC’s Valentine’s Day special issue, DC Love is a Battlefield #1, features love stories from across the DC universe. From Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to Starfire and Nightwing, there is plenty of romance to be found in short stories showcasing favorite villain and hero couplesA Tale of Two Titans is written by Marquis Draper with art by Pop Mhan and Chris Sotomayor. It features a love triangle between Wally West, Avery Ho, and Emiko Queen and also an interesting point.

While Wally West (Kid Flash) is getting ready for a date with Emiko Queen (Red Arrow) he chats with his good friend, Avery Ho (the Flash of China). Wally is having a difficult time preparing and Avery is laughing at him because as superheroes, they have done harder things. She proceeds to point out recent fights they’ve had and struggles to name the particular ice villain they recently fought. Wally provides three different options to which Avery responds with, “What’s with all these ice guys?” Upon further research, Avery has a point.

There are too many villains with ice powers (or weapons) in the DC Universe. Wally is able to name three immediately, which many fans could probably also do: Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, and Icicle. These are just some of the biggest names! If these were the only ones, there might not be such a problem, but…there are definitely more. For starters, there have been two versions of Icicle – a father and a son – although Icicle senior wasn’t the evilest. That award goes to his son, Cameron Mahkent.  Additionally, there is the Snowman (Klaus Kristin) – not to be confused with the Blue Snowman (Byrna Brilyant). How many snowmen could DC possibly have? Are they also planning to recruit Olaf? Killer Frost can’t be left out of the party unless readers decide they prefer her reformed version. That still doesn’t change that she was once a villain who worked with other frosty foes, the fact that many women have held the mantle of Killer Frost, or that there have been many more villains with the power of cryokinesis.

Not every cryokinetic villain is active or involved in an ongoing storyline, but there are still plenty to be found in multiple universes at different times. Between the previously mentioned villains and foes like Coldsnap, Cythonna, Endless Winter, Frost King, Glacier, New Moon, Minister Blizzard, and Ice King, DC heroes have their hands full with trying to turn up the heat on these baddies. Many of these foes are definitely older and not used as frequently as Killer Frost, Captain Cold, or Mr. Freeze, but that doesn’t mean DC has stopped creating cryokinetic villains. Frost King made his debut this past December in the Justice League: Endless Winter event. Avery is definitely onto something. Cryokinetic abilities do not appear to be a rarity, so maybe at this point, a creative freeze should be put on ice villains – at least for now. Otherwise, fans may have to continue reading bad puns as the Teen Titans and other favorite heroes keep kicking ice.

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