Teen Titans: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Blackfire

Teen Titans is one of the greatest superhero teams comprised of superpowered adolescents besides Marvel’s Young Avengers. Known for its iconic heroes, such as Robin, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire, the cartoon series from the 2000s was also iconic for the villains these heroes faced, including the infamous Blackfire. Sister of the aforementioned Starfire, Blackfire is also from the planet Tamaran and a flying powerhouse in her own right.

Unlike her sweet and precocious sister, Blackfire’s personality is the polar opposite of Starfire’s, complete with a sharp silver tongue and a criminal nature. While Blackfire provides an interesting foil to one of DC’s favorite heroines, there were a few things about her character that didn’t make much sense within the context of the series.

In her debut episode, “Sisters,” viewers got the first look at the numerous differences between Blackfire and her sister, Starfire, including their speaking styles. While Starfire often speaks in formal, although awkward English, Blackfire’s command of English is so fluent and casual to the point she even understands slang and Earth jokes like Beast Boy’s quip at humor, “Nothing but the ceiling, baby.” This fact seems even weirder when we learn later in “Bethrothed,” that other English-speaking Tamaraneans also speak in formal tones like Starfire, while Blackfire is the only Tamaranean who speaks with contractions.

In the episode “Bethrothed,” where the team travels to Starfire’s home planet for her wedding, fans get a glimpse of what other Tamaraneans are like. Among their distinguishing features, one noticeable trait is the fact that all Tamaraneans wear the same color scheme of purple and silver.

However, Blackfire’s costume is black and silver. While it is strange to see all citizens of a single society, even an alien one, wear color-coordinating outfits, it seems even stranger that Blackfire doesn’t have one true Tamaranean outfit.

In “Sisters,” viewers learned that before coming to Earth, Starfire had spoken to Blackfire “about the Titans in her transmissions.” However, for that to be possible the two would have been on friendly terms. This seems very strange given the fact Blackfire tried to trade Starfire to the Gordanians as revealed in the Teen Titans origin episode. One would think being sold into slavery would make one very unlikely to want to talk to the person who tried to sell them into slavery.

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