Tabletop Simulator: 10 Co-Op Games You Have To Try

For years, Tabletop Simulator has been a great way for gamers from all over the globe to connect and play board and role-playing games virtually, including classics like Dominoes and Checkers, as well as new titles like Wingspan and Scythe. While flexing one’s competitive spirit over the Internet can be a ton of fun, sometimes players may want a more collaborative experience.

Luckily, Tabletop Simulator offers a number of cooperative games for players who want to work together to run a spaceship, fight off zombie hordes, or handle magical emergencies. With these games, players will have to learn to work together if they want to win, while dealing with the challenging scenarios thrown their way.

Based on Brandon Sanderson’s popular Mistborn novels, this 3-5 player game has players taking on the roles of noblemen in the city of Luthadel. Each leading their own faction, players must work together to solve the problems of the Final Empire, such as disease and social unrest.

Unlike many cooperative games, though, Mistborn: House War does have a single winner at its end. While all players are working together to solve the same problems, they are also competing for favor from the Lord Ruler, and in the end, whoever has the most favor will win if the rebels are squashed. If the rebellion thrives, though, whoever has the least favor wins, adding a twist to this semi-cooperative game.

In this 1-6 player card game, players will become squads of soldiers participating in a wide variety of modern-day missions using quick and streamlined gameplay to create a replayable experience. Warfighter also lets players customize their soldiers before each scenario, adjusting the game to different playstyles.

Every mission provides a different experience, and soldiers can also level up and gain upgrades through combat, changing the game as it’s played. Players get the true squad experience working together to complete missions and level up, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Each player takes on the role of a totally unique fantasy hero in this 1-4 player card game that takes place in Valskyrr, a monster-filled dark fantasy world. Since each player starts out playing as a different hero with a different set of skills and abilities at their disposal, teamwork is the key to success in players’ quests against the villainous Mists.

Mistfall is highly replayable, as well, with changing environments and random enemy encounters making each session a totally different experience. Coming out on top won’t be easy for Mistfall‘s heroes, but the experience is sure to be a fun fantasy adventure for players.

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