Survivor: Boston Rob’s 10 Best Moments In The Game

‘Boston’ Rob Mariano is one of the most famous Survivor players, first having competed on Survivor: Marquesas in 2002 and most recently starring on an all-winners season in 2019. Rob cemented his place as Survivor royalty when he took control of the game in Season 8, establishing himself as a master of the game and a villain too.

Over five seasons and one appearance as a mentor on Island of the Idols, Rob has had plenty of great moments. Some were a little devious, others bold, and some incredibly romantic. Regardless, Rob has always been an unforgettable enigma, and someone future Survivor players will always compare their games to.

On the first-ever All-Star season, Rob, a pre-merge boot in Marquesas and Amber, the quiet sixth-place finisher in Australia ended up on the same tribe, Chapera.

Rob quickly took a liking to Amber, citing her as being beautiful and smart in a confessional, and made an alliance with her from the start. This decision proved to be a smart one because it led to them dominating the game and falling in love in the process.

On a lazy day in All-Stars, the Chapera tribe decided to dress up and impersonate members of the other tribe. Alicia did her best Jerri Manthey, Amber developed a Tina Wesson accent, and Rob put on a straw wing and kicked around a coconut to poke fun at Africa winner Ethan Zohn.

The Ethan impression was a fun moment with Rob and his fellow castaways to allow the game to become more fun and less serious. It was even better when Ethan and Rob reunited as teammates and alliance members on Winners at War, putting their former ‘feud’ to rest.

A tribe switch on Day 24 of All-Stars separated Amber from her former Chapera tribe members, including Rob. When her tribe lost the immunity challenge, Boston Rob attempted to cut a deal with Lex van den Berghe to save Amber and cut Jerri instead.

Back at camp as he awaited Amber’s fate, Rob sulked and drew an ‘A’ on his arm for his closest confidant. It led to one of the most quoted Rob lines of all time, “I put an ‘a’ on my arm…for Ambuh.”

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