Supernatural: What Does Your Favourite Character Say About You

Dean and Sam Winchester, Castiel, and Bobby, Crowley, and Lucifer–household names for fans of CW’s dark fantasy drama Supernatural. Love, devotion, greed, and manipulation, these beloved characters have brought to the fore the entire gamut of human emotions even though the show went far beyond simple human characters.

This is a series where the villains have as much fun, if not more, as the heroes. But whether Winchester allies or not, most of them have intriguing personalities that are hard to dismiss. And who you prefer speaks volumes about your character.

Those who choose Jack as their favorite Supernatural character, may have to tap into their inner self to seek the strength they possess.

Jack’s fans may feel as if they are faltering in confidence but they only have to look inside to unleash the power they actually wield. There is greatness in those who love Jack which they are yet to fully understand. But once they know they have it in them, the world would be a better place with them in it.

It is hard to actually like God as a character in this cult series as he does become rather unpleasant over time. But they say that every good hero needs an even better villain, and what better nemesis for the Winchester brothers than God himself?

Those who love Chuck/God might enjoy having power in their hands and playing god. They might be ambitious, have a curious soul, and a penchant for the dark and mysterious.

Mary Winchester didn’t have a big enough arc although it was her uncanny death that literally set in motion the wheels for the entire drama.

Mary came back from the dead in season 11 and found herself a bit of an anachronism. She was, however, accomplished and driven, aside from being a badass hunter. She might have been dead for a long time but she was far from fragile. Fans of Mary would most likely be as fiercely independent as the character herself, and would respect strong, empowered women who aren’t afraid to take a stand.

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