Superman Is Making A Major Mistake With His Evil Future Son

Warning: spoilers ahead for Future State: Superman: House of El #1!

Things may keep on getting in the way of Superman bonding with his sons, but his future self is putting way too much on the line to connect with his son Pyrrhos, who has waged war on his family. In fact, Superman comes to extend an olive branch at the most inopportune time: right in the middle of the final battle in Future State: Superman: House of El #1written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by Scott Godlewski.

To make matters worse, Superman fathered Pyrrhos with Circe, an immortal sorceress whose magical abilities have been passed down to him. Remember, Kal-El is affected by magic in the same manner as a normal person would be, since none of his superpowers can specifically defend against it, so anyone who wields this type of power has more of a chance of bringing the Man of Steel to his knees than most.

Not much is known about why Pyrrhos turned on Superman’s family, referred to as the eponymous House of El, but the how is quite clear. Despite sharing a child with Superman, Circe felt compelled to trap him in another world and utilize that time to turn her son against his father. Her efforts have been ostensibly quite fruitful, as House of El opens with Superman’s family taking their final stand against Pyrrhos (and the possibility of them succeeding isn’t looking good.) As made quite apparent during their battle, Pyrrhos feels that their family is squandering what the Kryptonian symbol is capable of while possessing some strong views on lineage and purity. He essentially believes their DNA is too diluted, especially when compared to his as the direct descendant of Kal-El.

What’s so strange about the entire situation is that Superman has been gone for so long that his entire family, save for Pyrrhos, doesn’t know for sure if he actually exists. Some even view Kal-El as a mythical figure. So when Superman suddenly appears, Pyrrhos has years of pent up anger that he unleashes on his father. But Kal-El quells Pyrrhos’ rage by claiming that the world Circe trapped him in needs their own Superman, and that he can make Pyrrhos into something greater than even himself. Somehow, this magically makes everything okay, as though Superman himself were a magic-user, as Pyrrhos’ face softens and he accepts his father’s outstretched hand.

Either all Pyrrhos truly needed was for his father to want him to succeed, or Pyrrhos is as deceptively conniving as his mother, and this is all part of an elaborate plot to lull Kal-El into a false sense of security so he can strike when the Man of Steel least expects it. It’s possible that Pyrrhos is aware of his Superman’s past failings with his other sons. Superman and Lois lost years of bonding with their biological son, Jon Kent, when he went off to train with Jor-El as a boy and came back as a man. As for Superman’s teenage clone Conner Kent, Superman wasn’t even aware he existed as a result of the universe having continually rebooted, a phenomenon that Superman had trouble coping with as revealed in his conversation with Mr. Terrific in Action Comics #1028.

With that in mind, it’s possible Future State: Superman: House of El #1 isn’t the story of how Superman saved his wayward son, but of how he allowed his past mistakes to pull him under the spell of a master manipulator. Fans should expect to see Pyrrhos, son of Superman, again, but perhaps not as the hero Kal-El suggested he could become.

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