Supergirl is Destined To Be The Hero Superman Should Be

In the latest edition of DC’s Future State, Supergirl, now known as Superwoman, proves that she is the hero that Superman should be. As the Moon Colony comes under siege by Lynari’s family, their family history is revealed to Kara. The family squabbles over who is worthy of the prized Starfall jewel remind Kara of the long-lasting struggles of her relationship with Superman. How she has always been in the shadow of him, and even at a point during Superwoman’s fight she imagines punching Jon, the new Superman since Kal-El’s departure from Earth. In her narration, Kara cites that she is fed up with usurpers, like Lynari’s family and Superman to her. Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman #2 by Marguerite Bennet and Marguerite Sauvage is available in stores and on digital platforms now.

DC’s Future State is a two-month, line-wide event that gives readers an insight into the many possible futures of the DC Universe. Most of the futures seen have proven to be very dark, but Kara’s future proves to be one of tranquility and peace. Although the villains who threaten her new home do end up using a quantum detonator, blowing up a large portion of the Moon Colony. This is what triggers Kara into going berserk as she succumbs to all her inner rage, stating that she “fought so hard for this world” and that she is fed up with being treated as less important. It would seem Kara’s battle with her family legacy amounts to her straddling the line into villainy, but she is stopped by Lynari who absorbs Superwoman’s powers and sacrifices her powers to achieve peace.

If this issue proves anything, it shows that Kara’s legacy as a hero is far beyond that of Superman. Like Jor-El’s famous saying “they only lack the light to show them the way“, Kara is shown the light, and that idea of legacy is more cemented into Kara than Superman’s will ever be. People, even villains, came to learn and grow as they wanted what Superwoman could offer. As Kara aged and the Moon Colony continued to thrive, what once was her Fortress of Solitude became a haven blooming with color and life.

Ultimately, Kara defines her legacy not by her strength or formidability, but by leaving behind a path of change. After a lifetime of struggling to overcome Superman’s shadow, Kara finally comes to peace with her doubts and insecurities. Realizing that what she has is far better than what Kal-El or Jon have, or will ever have. As the mantle of Superman is all about birthright and the passing of power, but Superwoman is about how each person can aspire to be the best hero they can be. It’s not about being all-powerful and being born as a part of a certain family, but it’s about how their good deeds and actions define them.

Decades, centuries, a millennium after she lived and died,” Superwoman’s legacy continues onwards and Kara remains a hero. Consistently denied and rejected, even despite how hard she fought to protect Earth. Amazingly, she is able to surpass all of her past resentments, but what’s more astonishing is her ability to inspire an entire colony and even those who were once villainous. Now, laying in the “eternal garden” she created, it’s clear that Kara became what Superman should be and that she couldn’t have achieved anything like this if she remained as Supergirl on Earth.

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