Star Wars: Why The Next Game Should Focus On Bounty Hunters (& Why The Force Needs Another Shot First)

It’s an exciting time again to be a Star Wars fan, with the franchise successfully going through a redemption arc through the live-action TV space provided by Disney+. The High Republic is going through a publishing campaign, and even bigger is the recent developments coming from the video game department. It’s been reported that EA is finally losing their exclusive publishing deal, with other publishers and developers getting their chances to have a go at the license.

They’ll make more and, in all fairness, they’ve recently released two critically and commercially successful games and turned a former critical dud into a critical success, but variety is needed. With the prospect of getting Star Wars games more frequently, bounty hunters and other takes on Force-focused games could be on the table.

One of the casualties of Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars IP and the breaking down of LucasArts was a game titled Star Wars 1313. The game got an E3 reveal, trailer, and gameplay look, though it was scrapped in part given the license hand-off. It’s a shame, because the concept of the game was a story-driven, Uncharted-like third-person, action-adventure game about Coruscant’s criminal underworld, focusing on Boba Fett.

The grittier nature of the premise seemed like a refreshing take on Star Wars storytelling as fans are typically used to, and the next game being a bounty hunter one could be 1313‘s spiritual revival.

We’ve gotten one triple-A Star Wars game recently that finally brought fans a single-player, story-driven game that focused on the Jedi and lightsaber combat in the form of EA and Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order. Thankfully, that’s one of the success stories of EA’s tenure with the exclusive access to the license in gaming, but with the shackles off, a new publisher/developer take on the concept could be welcome.

The Jedi are one of the selling points of the franchise, as they’re essentially space wizards with psychic powers and laser swords, but a new studio tackling the rich, vast lore of the Jedi and galaxy at large would be enticing. Plus, it’d be interesting to see other twists to gameplay mechanics in combat be used.

Perhaps the most blatant reason for the next game deserving to be centered on bounty hunting is the resounding critical acclaim of The Mandalorian on Disney+. The game doesn’t necessarily need to be about Din Djarin or Mandalorians in general, but the successful execution of the concept on live-action TV seems like it could easily be a winner in a video game.

As long as the game is handled with care, it’ll sell gangbusters not just because of the power behind the Star Wars brand, but with the added boon of The Mandalorian‘s praises. Given fans first see Din in season one as a full-grown man, a game focusing on his days prior to the events of the show could be done if Lucasfilm Games and the publisher/developer want it.

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