Star Wars: How Old Rogue One’s Characters Are When They’re Killed

The majority of figures in the focus of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story didn’t survive the events of the movie. The 2016 prequel to 1977’s Star Wars told the story of a brave group of rebels who sacrificed themselves for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. At the center of the anthology was Jyn Erso, a renegade that led a team on a mission against the Empire in what became the Rebel Alliance’s first major victory in the Galactic Civil War. Jyn and the Rogue One team perished in the event, but how old was every main character when they died in the movie?

Set a week before the events of A New Hope, Jyn was freed from an Imperial labor camp from the Rebels to locate her father, Galen Erso. As a scientist reluctantly involved in the Death Star’s construction, the Rebel Alliance wanted intel on the superweapon capable of destroying planets. Jyn learned of a vulnerability built into the Death Star, causing her to defy orders and ban together with other rogues to steal the superweapon’s schematics. Jyn and her team successfully passed the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance, setting off the events of the original Star Wars trilogy.

The Rogue One crew died for their actions, but they changed the tide of the war within the galaxy. The mission to steal the Death Star plans propelled the Battle of Scarif, which took place in 0 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin). Based on the timeline and confirmed information gathered from tie-in materials, it’s possible to calculate the characters’ ages when they perished.

As the heroine of Rogue One, some of Jyn Erso’s early life was put on display before diving into her mission during the Battle of Scarif. Though the movie never directly stated Jyn’s age, Catalyst: A Rogue One novel established the character’s birth year as 21 BBY. At the age of four, Jyn’s parents found refuge on the remote planet of Lah’mu to hide from the Empire. Four years later, the Empire found the Erso family, resulting in Saw Gerrera’s rescue of 8-year-old Jyn. When she died as part of the heroic sacrifice for the Rebel Alliance on Scarif, it was 0 BBY, indicating Jyn was around the age of 21.

Cassian Andor was another key member in the instrumental mission involving the stolen Death Star plans on Scarif. Unlike Jyn, Cassian was a veteran member of the Rebel Alliance before the Battle of Scarif in 0 BBY. According to Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, Cassian was born on the planet Fest in 26 BBY. Despite being an experienced member of the Rebel Alliance, Cassian was only 26-years-old when he perished on the tropical planet with the rest of the Rogue One squad.

The main antagonist in Rogue One was Orson Krennic, the Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Galactic Empire. As the figure overseeing the Death Star construction, Krennic was furious when he learned of the flaw intentionally built within the superweapon. In an attempt to keep the Death Star plans out of the Rebel Alliance’s hands, the commander traveled to Scarif. After a shootout with Cassian, Krennic was wounded, but he wasn’t killed until Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the destruction of Scarif with the use of the Death Star. The Visual Guide confirmed Krennic was 51-years-old when he died.

Chirrut Îmwe was one of the Rogue One team’s oldest members, considering his birth in 52 BBY stated in the movie’s Visual Guide. The blind member of the Guardians of the Whills bravely volunteered to assist Jyn and Cassian on their respective missions. During the Battle of Scarif, Chirrut took part in the ground battle to give others time to infiltrate the base. The man died on the battlefield after hitting the master switch to assist in the Alliance’s acquisition of the Death Star plans. Chirrut was 52-years-old when he passed away.

Like Chirrut, Baze Malbus was a native of Jedha and a member of the Guardians of the Whills. After leaving the religious order, Baze became an assassin, but he remained close with Chirrut. In fact, he became the man’s companion. When Jedha was destroyed, Baze joined Chirrut as a Rebel warrior by assisting Jyn and Cassian as part of the Rogue One squad. Baze fought along Chirrut on the battlefield, killing several Death Troopers before getting killed by a grenade. Based on the information provided in the Visual Guide, Baze was just a year old than his long-time friend, dying at the age of 53.

The Rogue One squad also consisted of another Jedha native in Bodhi Rook. The human male served as a cargo pilot for the Empire before defecting to join the Rebel Alliance’s efforts. During the Battle of Scarif, Bodhi remained on the ship for the crew’s only chance at escaping. He eventually abandoned his post to contact an Alliance fleet for assistance with the dire mission to steal the Death Star plans. Bodhi was successful, but a Shoretrooper threw a grenade in his shuttle, killing him at the age of 25.

K-2SO rounded out the brave crew that made up the Rogue One squad. The KX-series security droid was originally meant to serve the Empire’s armed forces until Cassian reprogramed him. As Cassian’s co-pilot, K-2SO volunteered to help his Rebel allies on Scarif. When Jyn and Cassian broke into a data vault, K-2SO fended off a horde of Stormtroopers before destroying the control panel to ensure his friends’ safety. Seeing as K-2SO was said to be built 12 BBY, the droid had only been around for a little over a decade before he was destroyed in the Imperial base on Scarif.

Bistan was among some of the reinforcements sent to Scarif to assist the Rogue One squad during their mission. By then, the Iakaru soldier had served the Rebel Alliance for six months. Bistan served as a gunner for served as the gunner on a Blue Squadron U-wing as part of the air assault against the Empire. He managed to destroy an All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport (AT-ACT) before the U-wing he was flying in was hit by a laser, causing it to crash and explode. The Visual Guide stated Bistan was born in 22 BBY, meaning the soldier was 22-years-old when he died on Scarif.

Saw Gerrera’s age is difficult to calculate considering the lack of specific details given in Star Wars canon. Assuming the leader of an extremist rebel cell was in his early twenties during his arc in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Saw would have been somewhere around the age of 30 when he became Jyn’s foster parent in 13 BBY. When Saw was killed during the destruction of Jedha in 0 BBY, the character would have been in his late thirties or early forties.

Sadly, every member of the Erso family was killed during the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. First came Lyra when Krennic tracked down the family Lah’mu. During a confrontation in 13 BBY, Lyra was killed by one of Krennic’s Death Troopers. Based on her birth year confirmed in the Visual Guide as 47 BBY, Lyra was 34-years-old when she was killed. Moments after Lyra was murdered, Krennic forced Galen to return as an Empire research scientist. Galen completed his work on the Death Star, but not before implementing a fatal flaw in the superweapon. He was killed in 0 BBY at the age of 52 when the Rebel Alliance bombed his research facility.

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