Star Wars: 10 Bounty Hunters Who Are Really, Really Bad At Their Jobs

Bounty hunting is one of the galaxy’s oldest and deadliest professions, where the rewards are as big as a mercenary’s ambitions, and being the best is both a blessing and a curse. The most legendary bounty hunters don’t stay on top for long because there’s always a young gun waiting to take their title, and for the rest there might not be any big payouts, but the struggle to survive as a hired gun beats hacking it as a moisture farmer any day.

As long as they’re fast enough, smart enough, and stay one step ahead of their competition, odds are a bounty hunter will cash in on at least some of their targets – unless they’re this bunch. These gunsels either underestimate their marks, bungle jobs, or decide the only way to make a name for themselves is to impersonate their rivals.

An ambitious Rodian trying to build a reputation, Greedo thought that taking down the infamous smuggler Han Solo would not only kick off his career as a bounty hunter, but also get him on the permanent payroll of Jabba the Hutt.

Neither of these things happened because Greedo can’t shoot across three feet of table. Greedo got blown away in the Mos Eisley cantina after cornering Solo, his hubris and poor marksmanship putting an end to his lackluster (not to mention short) bounty hunting career.

Were all bounty hunters to be judged by the bargain-basement skills of Zam Wesell, the Bounty Hunters Guild would never get any new recruits. After blundering the assassination of Queen Amidala, Wesell gets chased through the mean streets of Coruscant by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, only narrowing evading detection because she ducks into a crowded bar, not because she thinks to remove her helmet and make use of hChangellum powers of transformation.

She ends up being assassinated by the bounty hunter originally assigned to assassinate her target, Jango Fett, and dies muttering what would become her famous last words, “It was just a job”.

Casual fans might not remember Amanaman, the Amani headhunter lounging at Jabba’s Palace  when Boushh brought in the mighty Chewbacca to claim the bounty on his head. Like most of the bounty hunters in the Original Trilogy, he served as ornamentation for a scene, and didn’t pose much of a threat, despite his ominous staff.

Amanaman compromised Boba Fett by agreeing to give Lando Calrissian (disguised as a guard in the palace) advanced warning about the infamous bounty hunter’s movements on Tatooine, and proved there was no honor among thieves.

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