Star Trek: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous When Rewatching

Longtime Star Trek fans each have their own fond memories of the show, both for good reasons as well as bad. In fact, some of the most memorable scenes in the franchise are also the most frightening and unnerving, and re-watching old episodes can make the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end.

Throughout the various Star Trek TV shows, spinoffs and movies, there are a bunch of scenes that make many viewers nervous during a re-watch, even to this day. Here are ten of the most spine-tingling, in no particular order, proving that Star Trek’s galaxy isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—in fact, given its deep-space setting, pretty much none of it is.

Star Trek fans were shocked to see their beloved Enterprise blown up in the lackluster third feature film. It came hot on the heels of a very dark storyline that involved Kirk’s son David being knifed in the stomach by a Klingon warrior. When they demanded Kirk’s surrender and moved for the Enterprise to be boarded, he agreed to their terms… kind of.

Before abandoning the Enterprise to beam down to the Genesis planet, Kirk set the ship’s self-destruct mechanism. The Klingon boarding party beamed onto the ship just in time to be part of an incredible explosion that sent Trekker’s favorite ship hurling across the horizon in a smoking fireball.

The Borg were a natural enemy for Picard and his crew to battle in a Hollywood film, which is why they were chosen for First Contact. After the Borg initiate a second attack on Earth, their plans are thwarted when Picard joins the fight and uses his knowledge of their technology to exploit a key weakness.

It isn’t enough to stop them permanently, however. Before being destroyed, the remaining Borg beam onto the Enterprise-E and begin transforming it from the inside out. When the crew learns of this, they venture into the dark bowels of the ship to face their enemy head-on. The tension is ratcheted up to unbearable levels, before the big reveal.

Star Trek fans never saw this one coming. Season one came to a close with Picard facing down a conspiracy that threatened to take down the Federation from the inside. The culprit was a tiny parasitic alien species capable of taking over the minds of the bodies it attached itself to. With Starfleet’s Elite infected, Picard and Riker launched one last-ditch plan to turn the tide.

They encountered the Mother parasite lurking inside the body of Commander Remmick, a previous antagonist. Without hesitating, Picard and Riker fired upon him, causing his head to explode, and his chest to melt away and reveal the parasite within. Even today, viewers still get nervous right before this gore-fest plays out.

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