Spider-Man 3 First Official Images Show Peter Parker With His Friends


The first official images for Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 have been revealed. Marvel Studios and Sony have been working together for the last several years on the latest big-screen take on the famous wall-crawling hero. While Holland’s Spider-Man made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, his first solo film came a year later with Spider-Man: Homecoming. The sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, was the first MCU movie to arrive after Avengers: Endgame.

Holland has spent the last several months working on the third Spider-Man MCU movie. Rumors have swirled about what it could contain, but Marvel and Sony haven’t revealed any information officially. Fans have remained hopeful that Holland would provide some information thanks to his tendency to reveal plot details and spoilers accidentally. But Holland says he doesn’t even know about Spider-Man 3 is about. Marvel and Sony have done an excellent job of preventing set photos from surfacing online too, which means fans haven’t received a proper look at Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 – until now.

Tom Holland and his Spider-Man co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya shared the first images from the still officially untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming 3. All three images show Holland’s Peter Parker, Batalon’s Ned Leeds, and Zendaya’s Michelle together in an unknown location. The co-stars also had fun teasing fans with what the title could be. Holland claims the movie’s title is Spider-Man: Phone Home, while Jacob Batalon indicated it is Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, and Zendaya’s says Spider-Man: Home Slice.

With these first look images at Spider-Man: Homecoming 3, fans can start to get some idea of what the film will contain. They might not include Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) or any of the rumored multiverse characters, but that could be for the best. Given how many rumors circulate about the movie, keeping the focus on Peter Parker, his girlfriend, and his best friend is smart. It works as a good reminder of what the franchise has focused on while getting fans excited without spoiling anything too big.

One detail about Spider-Man: Homecoming 3‘s plot that these images might reveal is that Peter, Michelle, and Ned are on the run together. Spider-Man: Far From Home ended with Peter’s secret identity being revealed to the public, so that information could put him and those he cares about in danger. Ned is a well-known associate of Peter’s, and Michelle was with Spider-Man when the reveal happened. If Peter is doing his best to hide, he might be protecting Michelle and Ned, along with other loved ones like Aunt May. Since an official Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 title reveal could be right around the corner, these images could take on a different meaning depending on what is revealed.

Sources: Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, Zendaya

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